Dear Tumbly, Today Is A Lazy Day

Well, a lazy day for me anyways. Most people would think a lazy day would be doing nothing, but i had my entire house spotless before 9am and was clean and ready to go. A contractor was supposed to come and put in a new closet door for me at 10, but he didn’t show until noon. I have to go work at the candy store at 2, and then after that i shall do nothing. 

I’ve been on a True Blood binge so i’ll probably watch some more of that and draw. I’m currently drawing a picture of myself as a pokemon trainer…*ahem*, master… with some of my favorite Pokemon. I have dragonite, oshawott, whimsicott, emolga, skitty, and butterfree. I’ll post a picture when i finish it.

William is coming over tomorrow night after work! I’m super excited. I wish it wasn’t so cold out. Believe it or not, the inside of my house is colder than the outside. Ew. 

Anyways, that’s all the news for now! Off to the candy store i go.

Love, Meg

ps- if you haven’t already- go follow my new pokemon blog! http://dailydeino.tumblr.com/ There are a ton of things waiting in the queue!