Yeah, it would be just terrible if the Daily Mail printed crude articles about actresses, pop stars and models who were young, wouldn’t it?

That would be awful.

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But yeah, hypocrisy is bad.

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I'm sorry i hope i'm not bothering you with all my questions! Its just that the DailyMail say something and then some LS say something different and i love ur blog and u also say different stuff (no offense) ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ’Ÿ

You’re not bothering me! But trust me when I say this: the Daily Mail is complete trash.  They are the bottom of the barrel journalism; if you want something resembling the truth, look at People or Billboard, whose stories about the boys are remarkably different from what the Daily Mail/the Sun posts. My guess is there’s a battle going on behind the scenes over the boys’ image. If you want more proof how disgusting the Daily Mail is, read this article:

They literally plagiarize other journalists’ stories without giving credit and make up stories that don’t have an ounce of truth in them just for website hits/headlines. When you see the 1D boys in the Daily Mail and/or the Sun, your attitude should be this: 

Why Louis’ current rebranding is more effective and less harmful than you think

We all know it is vital that for 1D to have any sort of a future, they need to appeal to a more adult market. What’s the best way of doing that? Make them seem like adults. It’s pretty simple right. 

Sure, you say, but why do they have to push straight partyboy Louis? How is that helping anyone? Well, let me tell you. 

Straight partyboy Louis is, despite what the fandom thinks, the most innocuous, forgettable image that you can push on a young white male celebrity. Adults don’t really give a fuck that a 23 year old boybander is out partying and picking up girls. It’s a non-story and anyone who has been 23 knows it’s pretty standard tame behaviour. He’s not getting arrested, he’s not shooting up, he’s not using prostitutes or doing anything scandalous that would make adults sit up and take note. And whilst it feels to us that they are pushing the het thing really hard, remember that for most people heterosexuality is so much the norm that it doesn’t register. They won’t read these articles and go, oh my gosh, he must be straight, that is big, fundamental information I shall retain and never let go of, they will just go, meh, he’s normal, whatever. Or if they’re smart they will just point out that he is gay and this is PR.

My point is that these kinds of articles are the best way for his name to be in the papers, giving just enough of a sorry excuse for a story that they can print his name in non-1D contexts, without adults getting too suspicious that something is afoot, because the stories themselves are pretty dull. These are the stories people will skim past, shrug off, claim they don’t care about or that they are unshocked by…

BUT - and here is what matters - they will also subconsciously incorporate the name of Louis Tomlinson into their mental catalogue of adult celebrities. Skim past enough half-arsed stories about Louis Tomlinson and eventually, without even trying you will have an idea of him doing things that adults do. No more “One Direction, aren’t they like 16?” because no, somewhere in your mind you associate them with alcohol and clubbing and the use of drugs being non-shocking, so, your brain does the work quietly in the background and concludes, they must be adults.

Side bonus point - these sort of articles can actually prompt people to defend Louis Tomlinson as being an adult. Literally, they are provoking the public to actively assert that Louis is in fact an adult. 

Go check the comments on the article if you don’t believe me. Pay attention not just to what is being said, but to the number of likes and dislikes for each comment. E.g. “ He’s in his early 20’s, doing what people in their early 20’s do…leave him alone!” gets 1630 likes and only 179 dislikes. “He’s a role model to kids… needs to buck his ideas up” gets only 70 likes but 209 dislikes!

Happy days. The times they are a’changing…

Looks like Louis Tomlinson is enjoying the single life.
The One Direction star - who split from his long-term girlfriend last month - was seen leaving London night club Cirque Le Soir with not just one, but five ladies.
He ushered the gaggle of girls into a taxi to transport them all back to his hotel in the early hours of Thursday morning.
Louis wore a white T-shirt and slim fitting jeans with his hair stylishly coiffed into a bedhead style.
Clearly it was tight squeeze in the van as he sat on the lap of one girl, who was holding onto his arm as they arrived at the hotel following their night out.
According to onlookers the boybander invited the whole party back to his hotel room at around 4.30am.
But maybe these five girls were the group he is hoping to sign to his new record label.

Tomlinson confirmed to The Sun’s Dan Wootton that he is set to launch his own label with the full backing of Sony and Syco boss Simon Cowell.
His first signing is 2014 X Factor finalist Jack Walton and Louis is currently holding auditions for a girl band, which he will put together during his time off from One Direction duties.
‘It’s absolutely great to be working with Syco on a label,’ he said. 'This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time, and to be given the opportunity to potentially give new artists a platform is an incredible feeling.

Taylor Swift, George Strait, more to get special ACM Honors

Even though Taylor Swift has officially gone pop, she still has a special place with the Academy of Country Music, which will be giving her and superstars like Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Miranda Lambert and Garth Brooks a special honor at next month’s ACM Awards.

The Academy is handing out a 50th Anniversary Milestone Award to celebrate seven of their biggest winners, also including Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn. The honorees will be given a trophy specially designed by jeweler David Yurman, complete with black diamonds, sterling silver and white gold.

The Milestone Awards will be presented April 19 at the 50th annual ACMs, to be held at AT&T Stadium outside of Dallas and broadcast live on CBS.

Wattpad Fic Series Contest (for the Daily Mail), Part 3.

After a two days of intense songwriting sessions, straight fella lad Louis is enjoying a laddy heterosexual night out at Cirque Le Blond. Er, Soir. Cinque Le Soir. Even without is 100% not gay™ bandmates, he is clearly in good company of yet another Mystery Blonde™.

Actually, more than one. Being a laddy lad who lads a lot and sleeps around, he is surrounded by at least four mystery blondes™ while his bodyguard, Alberto, line them up to get in his car.

“Please respect the queue,” he sighs. Then he points at some brunette in the middle of the extremely white and extremely blonde line of girls, frowning. “You’re not blonde.”

“No shit,” she says.

“You cannot get in,” he shakes his head. “See,” he points the instructions, “It’s a requirement that they must all be white, skinny and blonde,” he looks up again, “but you’re brunette.”

“This is kind of discriminatory,” she complains, mumbling.

“Last time we tried with a brunette it didn’t end well,” Alberto replies, dryly.

“I don’t think,” she says, “the lack of blonde hair was the physical attribute the problem lied in.”

Louis, already in the car, doesn’t hear the conversation. He is busy checking something scribbled on his left end. “You must look engaged,” he reads. Right, looking engaged. He can do that. He looks up at Mystery Blonde™ Number 1, and he squints his eyes.

This is is. He’s doing a great job at looking engaged.

“Hello!” she chips, smiling widely. Her smile is blinding. Literally. Very white. Why is she so white. Louis’ eyes water for a second. “I’m Giuseppina from Casole Bruzio near Cosenza.”

“Hello,” Louis replies. “I’m in fact straight.”

She looks slightly taken aback at the answer, but she doesn’t question it. Out of the car, Alberto is still trying to manage the line of Mystery Blondes. Some of them are complaining.

“The car is full,” Alberto explains, patiently. “You can’t all get in all at once. Right now we have one girl with naturally blonde hair, one with an ombre, and one with dyed blonde hair, so we’re, er, full. But we might need some of you for the next night out, so please keep my email. We’ll keep in touch. Where’s Mystery Blonde™ number 3? Mystery Blonde™ number 3? Ombre girl?”

“Here, but wait a second,” she replies, covering her face with her hand, “I think I have some mascara in the eye, buggering hell…”

Some Daily Mail journalist behind him writes something on his notepad. “Blonde,” he mumbles, “there are lots of blondes. Underline twice. Bold. Boy + girl = must fuck.” He looks up at Mystery Blonde Number 3. “One of the blonde looks similar to that Manchester’s girl… also, camera shy…”

“I have something in my eye,” she repeats. “And we don’t look alike. We are just both blondes.”

“Ah, yes, blonde,” the Daily Mail journalist whispers, “I’d forgotten to write about that.”

In the car, Louis manages to look very engaged. Giuseppina proceeds to tell him so. “You look very engaged with me.”

He frowns. He’s slightly tipsy. “No, I’m engaged to Harry.” He blinks twice, then adds: “No, I mean,” looks down at this hand, “I’m, uh, getting over my former girlfriend, Gretchen.”

“THE OTHER TWIN,” Alberto suggest, half-shouting, buut in a hushed-voice, like they can only do in wattpad fics, “THE OTHER TWIN!”

“Ah, yeah, thanks,” Louis says, “yeah, I’m doing such a great job at getting over Tina.”

(Part 1, Part 2.)