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Aomine trying to confess to a crush but getting really awkward in typical Aomine fashion?

Aomine Daiki: 'Emotions' was not a topic Aomine was good at, and from the comments he heard when he first brought up confessing to his teammates, he wasn't as smooth a talker as he thought either. When he's first with you he's completely calm, figuring it's a go big or go home situation, if you didn't like him he'd just find another person to like and it'd be no big deal. The thoughts make his head muddled and he ends up ignoring part of what you said, causing him to stare at you in a confused manner and making you feel like he thought what you said had been stupid. The moment grows more awkward when he admits he hadn't been listening and tells you to repeat yourself, telling you that he had more important things on his mind; you're clearly a bit offended by this and he holds his hands up in his defense, saying that those more important things still involved you. You're both unable to look the other in the eye, the awkward silence filling the air as he walked you the rest of the way home. He wants to confess then and there but decided to refrain, as he had sufficiently ruined his chances of making himself look good for the day. He says goodbye and turns to leave, stopping abruptly and pulling you into  his arms before you have a chance to enter your house, standing there for a few seconds with you tightly in his arms before releasing you and not looking back until he was home.