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"please stay" with F Levallan and Solas please.

There were nightmares that night. Terrible creatures that she could barely discern clawed at her legs in attempt to drag her into an inky abyss. Lavellan fought tooth and nail, scratching and kicking, in an effortless attempt to dispell the contorted creatures. Her branded hand, with that acursed green glow, did little to ward off the monsters that gnashed their pointed teeth at her.

Lavellan screamed and screamed until she finally awoke.
She felt like she had been forcefully ejected from her nightmare. Eyes wide and watery, she tried to make sense of her surroundings. Something solid hovered above her, blocking most of her view of the room. She barely caught a soft glow eminating from behind the object. Lavellan attempted to move her head, but felt stuck, as if trapped in a vice.

"Lavellan," Solas murmured.

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DAI discussion: The Bull's voice

When people complain about the Bull’s voice
and say that he should have sound more like Sten


Early on we’ve learned through the devs that the Bull
is going to be an interesting and fresh new character
to the franchise: He is not flat, he has emotions, and he’s not
afraid of showing them- because he grew distant from the Qun
and seen the life out of it, among other reasons we’ve yet to hear.

I believe Freddie Prinze Jr is doing an amazing job as the Bull,
because you can actually hear the humanity, the emotion, in his
voice- Which brings us to the point of character development. (Sten
compared to the Bull, the strict believer of the Qun vs a Qunari who
decided to embrace the outside world. Two very different characters!)

He is much more different than any Qunari we’ve seen in the franchise
up until now, so please don’t get me wrong- I do understand the aversion.

But please, people - give him a chance.
Don’t disqualify something new before even trying.

*Fixed due to confusion
Thanks for the correction.


Team, All for one and one for all. 

The warriors of the inquisition may not all agree 100% of the time but they stick up for each other when it counts.

This is part of my headcanon about the fact that, apparently, Bull has some form of PTSD? So whilst some members of the inquisition are sceptical about him and are pretty awful about it behind his back, the warrior squad aint having none of that shit.

Protect Bull 2k14

Even giant badass Qunari Mercenaries need equally badass friends to stick up for them some of the time.

This is my first comic! Can you tell which panel took the longest hahahaha

I purposefully tried to make is small but in the end that was just more annoying and difficult.

Figured out my Quizzy’s general outfit so yay!