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2012 is almost over, and it has been an amazing year(or 6 months) and I’ve met so many lovely people on tumblr. 

I haven’t talked to most of you but you’re blogs are perfectand i envy you

these are my Favourite Blogs of 2012

I hope all of you have an amazing Holiday and New Year♥

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love you guys (:


31: "Can I have..."

Daniel: "…this picture." You looked up to see Daniel holding a picture of you literally five minutes after you woke up one morning. Your mom had taken it on the morning your last birthday as she does every year. She claims she likes to ‘capture every moment of your special day’, but you swear it’s just for pure embarrassment. In the picture you had no make up on, your hair wasn’t done, and you had on your favorite onesie and a tired smile. You quickly got off your bed and snatched the photo out of Daniel’s hands.

"Why? I look horrible..", you said while hiding it in your back pocket.

"No, you don’t. You look beautiful, you always look beautiful to me."

"Your just saying that so you can take it and show the guys and you can all have a good laugh at my misfortune." 

Daniel walked up to you and took your face in his hands. “I’d never do that. I love you too much.” You smiled and pulled his face down for a kiss. In the middle of the kiss he gently pulled the photo out of your pocket. “I think this is most beautiful photo you’ve ever taken Y/N.”, he said as he stuck it in his wallet. You just rolled your eyes, smiled, and hugged him.

Beau: "…this bracelet.", Beau said as he held one of your old, poorly made home bracelets up to your face. 

You gave a little laugh. “Beau, I made that when I was like six, and it shows.” To make the bracelet you just took some old yarn your mom had laying around and tied them together in a horribly made circle, you repeated this cycle a dozen more time saying that ‘you were an artist and in a few years people would pay you millions for these things’. You never wore them because they were much too big for your tiny wrists so you left them laying around your house. Apparently, Beau had found your stash.

"Yeah, your mom told about that little phase you went through," Beau smiled, tying the bracelet to his wrist, "but the point is, you made it and you apparently cared about these things a lot and I want to show everyone what an amazing arts and craftsman my girlfriend is." You smiled and leaned over the bed for a kiss.

Jai: "… this headband." You turned away from your computer to see Jai standing in front of your full length mirror, posing, while wearing a headband with cat ears on them. You had only worn it once.. for Halloween when your were seven.

You burst out into a fit of laughter. “W-why?”, you choked out. 

"Because.. it makes me look fabulous." He turned to face you with a look of fake shock, "Do you not agree?" 

You got off your computer chair and walked over to him. “You’re the cutest kitty I’ve ever seen.”, you smiled while playing with the ears. 

Jai smiled back and gave you a quick kiss. “So it’s a yes?” You laughed and nodded your head.

Luke: "… this scarf?" Luke asked while pulling it from around your neck as the two of you walked into his room.

"Is there any particular reason?", you asked, with a questioning look.

"There’s plenty. It’s soft, and warm, and it smells just like you. That’s my favorite part.", he looked at you, a small smile playing on his lips.

You giggled and threw your arms around his neck. “Fine. But only if I can have something of yours.”

"Sounds like a fair deal. Take whatever you like.", Luke quickly bent down and kissed you. "Just not my Justin Bieber CD’s." 

You smiled, “Okay, fine. Deal.”

James: “…this dance.” James questioned, holding his hand out for you to take. You were sitting on his bed, having a random conversation when he got up and asked.

"But.. there’s no music playing.", you said while looking around, expecting a surprise symphony to start playing at any second.

"Oh, but darling.. there is." Just as you were about to ask where, he grabbed your hand and slowly started to sing Little Things. 

You looked up at him, “What made you do this?”

He shrugged, “I remember you saying something about how you like slow dancing but you never really had someone to do it with.”

You smiled and laid your head on his chest. “I love you, James.”

"I love you too, Y/N", he said as he continued singing.

I might do another one later.

-Kelsey xox

dahyounie replied to your post: dahyounie replied to your post: every bit of drama…

Oh I just followed her:-) what’s happened?

basically she keeps saying she’s going to commit suicide and delete her blog but never actually does, she even made a video saying she was going to go but didn’t, everybody just thinks she’s an attention seeking but everybody’s as bad as each other and it’s all got blown out of proportion way too much but yeah