James and The Giant Peach Album Give Us Bonus Darren Criss and Skylar Astin

Credit: broadwayworld.com

“Cause there is magic
Now you know,
You made magic
Made it grow
And marvellous, wonderful things can come true.”

Magic is certainly what the Tony-nominated songwriting duo Justin Paul and Benji Pasek have done with their latest musical adaptation, Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach.

Based on the classic children’s story, the musical follows the orphan James and his…

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This is a story of an ordinary little boy named Charlie Bucket. He was not faster, or stronger, or more clever than other children. His family was not rich or powerful or well-connected; in fact, they barely had enough to eat. Charlie Bucket was the luckiest boy in the entire world. He just didn’t know it yet.
In the end, Charlie Bucket won a chocolate factory. But Willy Wonka had something even better, a family. And one thing was absolutely certain - life had never been sweeter

I feel like everyone forgets that there was an actual sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where the elevator gets trapped up in space and the family and Wonka witness a bunch of deadly aliens attack another shuttle and said aliens eat at least twenty people and one of the grandmothers is erased from existence and Wonka and Charlie have to scramble to save her and in the end, they’re all invited to the White House to meet the president.

I just…I feel like this should be talked about more…