I’m laughing so hard rn

Sowings are harvested, armor are forged, signal fires are kindled. Dagoth Ur has sent his blessing news to all Great Houses: he finally woke up and the real Hortator Nerevar is here, revived and true. 
Voryn Dagoth invites all to the Red Mountain: dunmers must obey, show loyality and humbleness, recognize their two leaders and renounce of false gods Almsivi. 
So this is  Red Mountain and living foyada is a stream of dunmer people. On the foreground you can see Redoran warriors who go oath too. Soon Dagoth and Nerevar come out on tribune over banner with Dagoth symbols and get on in the world.
To the glory! Death to the unbelievers! Death to the n’wah! Honour to the Unmourned Tribe!