Erik Jones - LAYERS.

Tonight and tonight ONLY (Thursday January 24th, 2013) Erik Jones has a solo show, “LAYERS,” opening at Dagny + Barstow in New York City (6pm - 9pm).  Erik’s work is just flat out incredible and this show features some of his largest work to date.  According to Erik the show is somewhat of a one night deal so be sure and go check it out tonight.  Erik sent me some exclusive images of the work which you can check out below:

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Seeing Sounds with Soap and Light

Inspired by cymatics, the study of visible sound and vibration first studied by English philosopher Robert Hooke in 1680 Dagny Rewera of Born an Idea Lab devised an automated system to visualize sound using soap and light. A brass armature holds a hoop that dips into a soap solution directly above a speaker. When switched on, sound waves cause the soap bubble to vibrate at a microscopic scale. To make these tiny aberrations visible to the naked eye, they are magnified by a lens above the soap ring. The results are then projected onto the ceiling to create kaleidoscopic images. As the water evaporates from the solution, the concentration of soap reveals a range of hues that intensify over time. If the bubble bursts, the automated system re-dips the hoop into the solution, starting the process again. "The aim of the project was to change the perception of the everyday," explained Rewera. "The project tries to enhance the greater understanding of the world we are surrounded by and [suggests] there might be parallel worlds unnoticed in our mundane lives." By transforming sonic vibrations into visible physical phenomena, Rewera reminds us of the energetic properties of the things around us. 

went to dagny’s today to listen to a traditional irish folk band. i ran into friends from school, and ending up spending the whole night hangin with them. i’m so socially awkward. but, even still; fall feels nice with friends, okay coffee, good music, and conversation. 

happy girl