They Both End in Trouble (and Start with a Grin), Regina/David, NC17

Technically a sequel to These Gestures That We Made, although it should read as a standalone.

NC17 warning: kinks include pegging, so if that’s not your thing, please don’t read. 

"Bottom drawer, dear," Regina says as they almost fall through the bedroom door. David smiles against her mouth, intent on claiming another kiss first. He’s lucky to be there at all, really, after his disastrous ‘I value your friendship’ move two weeks ago.

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These Gestures That We Made, Regina/David, NC17

When you lean in to kiss him, you’re expecting the sharp sting of rejection. This masochistic streak runs deep, but with everything so out of control in this most controlled of environments, you can’t help it. 

You can almost see the mark she’s left on him, like an angry red brand that hovers over his kind face and gentle eyes. It’s nearly impossible to remember this is a man who once launched a sword at you in anger, who resisted your advances when it would have bought his freedom and an easier life. 

But you kiss him, because you want him. You kiss him because everything here is supposed to make you happy and yet nothing does. You kiss him because he liked the lasagna and he saved your one indulgence—the ice-cream—from melting. 

You kiss him because he’s there, and that’s why you almost forget how to breathe when he kisses you back.

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queeniewasariot-deactivated2013 said:

Loved the Evil Charming fic. It was wonderful. Everything I didn't know I wanted, but now I do. <3 I hope you might feel inspired to write them again, but either way I just love all your fics.

Thank you! It’s proof that Lana can get me into anything, pretty much!

And believe it or not, I’ve actually started another one. Complete with kinks. Oh dear. This is how spirals begin.