[MONSTER] Dagahra.

Japanese name: ダガーラ
Romanized name: Dagaara

Alignment: Nilai Kanai, the environment
Type: Kaiju, genetically engineered monster
Inspiration: Dragon, sea monster
Status: Defeated.

From: Mothra 2: The Undersea Battle


  • Like Gyaos in the Heisei Gamera series, Dagahra was created by an ancient civilization.
  • Dagahra was the only non-Ghidorah monster villain in the Heisei Mothra trilogy.
  • It slightly resembled Space Godzilla.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com

Rebirth of Mothra 2: The Undersea Battle

Well I was quick to watch this one today. 


Gotta love that poster, so what’s the premise? 

Mothra Leo has fully accepted his role as guardian of the Earth, and has spent the past year practicing his powers, as well as flying along side the wildlife and nature of the planet, be it on land or sea. These carefree days of peace, however, quickly come to an end when strange star-fish like monsters arise from the depths of the ocean, and begin to attack anything that dares approach them, drenching the seas with poison. These creatures are born from Dagahra, a violent sea dragon created by an ancient civilization to be rid of pollution, only to turn on it’s creators and wipe them out one by one. Mothra must be called into battle once again in order for the planet to survive, but will Leo’s power alone be enough to defeat this malevolent force? 

So what did I think? 

According to the fans, Rebirth of Mothra 2is widely considered to be one of the worst sequels and worst kaiju films in history, even more so then Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla.What do I think? Like the first Rebirth of Mothra,I thought this one wasn’t as bad as everyone says it is, but much like SpaceGodzillait didn’t impress me too much. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I liked that I thought improved from the first one, but there are also a lot of things that made me go ‘WTF?’ and simply ‘Why?’ 

Let’s start with the good stuff, the three main characters, all different kids ( No one comes back from the first one. ), were well developed as characters and didn’t annoy me at all, unlike the little girl from the first one, heck, even the Elias’ ( fairies. ) demented sister, Belvera, develops a little more at one point. The emotion from the first film is still there, and I love the undersea themes of the movie, mainly because the ocean has always fascinated me since I was a kid. 

Lastly, the soundtrack was amazing. It didn’t blow me away as much as the first one did, but still pretty damn good.

Now for the bad stuff. 

The special effects weren’t that great here. There are plenty of moments where it looks amazing, don’t get me wrong, but there’s more then one moment where you can see the strings attached to the puppets, and the CGI and green screen effects look more fit for a video game. ( Or a SyFy channel movie. ) 

The childish element is also expanded in this movie. Most of the adult characters are either completely clueless or downright greedy/unlikable, in fact there are two thieves in the movie that constantly chase the kids down in this film, which makes me slap my forehead and groan. 

Plus there’s this little creature called Gorgo, which looks like a weird hybrid of a creepy old man, a ferbee, and a cat. Now it has it’s cute moments, but it also has it’s really strange ones too. ( It’s pee has healing powers, enough said. ) In fact there are a lot of strange moments in this movie, which is saying a lot. 

Those are the things I didn’t like about the film, it’s time to move on onto the stars. 


I think it’s safe to say Mothra Leo is the Godzilla of this trilogy, aka he is badass in this one, even though he still looks fake/too fluffy, even the wings look a little cheap. He even gains a few new forms, through events you will see in the movie, the first being Rainbow Mothra which you see in the picture above you, and the second being Aqua Mothra…


…Which is honestly one of the greatest designs for a kaiju I’ve ever seen.

Onto Dagahra 


While not as terrifying or epic as Desghidorah, Dagahra still makes for one kickass monster. On land, he’s vulnerable to Leo’s power, but underwater he’s king. He beats the living hell out of Leo more then once, which makes me wonder if he’s even more powerful then Desghidorah. He may not be my favorite kaiju, but it doesn’t change the fact he’s awesome, you could say he’s the SpaceGodzilla of this movie. 

Overall, Rebirth of Mothra 2: The Undersea Battleis not as bad as everyone says, but it’s not as good as the first one either. Still enjoyed it more then Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla, though.


Dagahra (ダガーラ, Dagara) is the second antagonist monster of the Rebirth of Mohtra series. In days long past, a powerful and ancient civilization ruled the land of the rising sun. Known as the Nilai Kanai, these people were technologically and mystically advanced, holding power over science and magic unknown before or after. Yet, there’s was not a perfect society. Like the humans of today, they polluted their waters and corrupted their skies with toxins. Rather than change their ways, they chose to play at being gods, and created a being to dispose of their wastes. Known as Dagahra, this creature would consume the pollution that the Nilai Kanai produced, thus cleansing the waters. Dagahra did consume pollution, as it was constructed to, but produced a toxic side effect: barems. Releasing thousands of the acidic sea stars from its body, Dagahra destroyed its creators, then fell into a deep slumber below the waves.

Several thousand years later, Dagahra was reawakened by a new insurgence of pollution into its domain. Awakening to fulfill its purpose once again, the toxic monster emerged from its lair, consuming man’s waste and releasing its deadly spawn. Soon, the oceans ran red with its lethal sea-stars. Then, it emerged itself, spreading destruction to the land dwellers that feed it so much waste.

Yet, it was met by a powerful entity, known as Mothra Leo. Battling Leo with all of his might, Dagahra fought the noble Mothra to a standstill. Yet, when he dragged Leo below the water, the advantage was his, and he encrusted the noble warrior with his toxic spawn. As Dagahra forced his foe from the water and onto a recently revived Nilai Kanai pyramid, he closed in to finish the job. Yet, his ancient creators sought to foil him from beyond the grave, as ancient traps activated and bombarded the toxic one with bolts of rainbow lightning. Forced to retreat, Dagahra circled the pyramid, seeking a way to continue his assault on the heroic Leo.

But, just as the tide seemed in his favor, the water spirit Ghogo released his power into the damaged Mothra, reviving him and allowing Leo to rise from defeat and battle against Dagahra. This time, Dagahra was at a disadvantage, as Ghogo’s magic gave Leo a powerful boost in energy, as well as the ability to follow Dagahra under the waves to continue his assault. Try as he might, Dagahra couldn’t fight of the empowered Leo. Then, his foe did something startling. Splitting apart, Leo dove into Dagahra’s stomach. The toxic one was wracked with agony as his enemy literally carved his internal organs apart. As his last dieing scream echoed through the depths, Leo dragged his venomous carcass from the water. Purified by the Nilai Kanai temple and Leo’s combined power, Dagahra returned to seawater, and was dispersed by Leo. Thus ended the reign of the toxic beast Dagahra, the product of humanity’s foolish pride.


  • Dagahra can fly at the speed of mach 10.
  • Dagahra can fire an Irabushan Beam from his mouth.
  • Dagahra is able to fire Crimson energy beams from his dorsal fins.
  • Dagahra can rotate and fire Energy Rings from his body.
  • Dagahra is able to create a tornado of Barems and lightning by quickly rotating himself underwater.
  • The two cannons on Dagahra’s shoulders can fire either energy beams or a concentrated mixture of Barem and crystallized toxins.
  • Dagahra is an adept swimmer that can move underwater at 150 knots.
  • Dagahra can fire lightning at foes.

afallenwolf said:

If that's the case How would you design the M.U.T.O.s'? And yea that Dagahra/Dagarla just seems kinda blech...

If I get around to it, maybe MUTO Neo…

giygas-the-overlord said:

Speaking of bagan, is there any kaiju that you liked more for the concept than for it's design, and vice versa?

Hm. Hard to say.
First thing that comes to mind is the MUTO’s. I don’t DISLIKE them, but I felt that their final designs are kinda’ all over the place, and simultaneously too simple. I do like them in concept - essentially they’re Tarantula Hawks, attacking and killing a larger enemy to lay their eggs in its body. Not something really explored well in the movie, but a great idea nonetheless.

As for vice-versa, gotta’ go with Dagahra/Dagarla from Rebirth of Mothra 2: Undersea Armageddon (that’s my title for it). As a monster, it’s kind of forgettable and lacks a strong central design philosophy, not to mention its execution is kinda’ crappy. BUT I just love the overblown, over-designed, reptilian coolness of it. Basically it look like something I would design ;)