Day #20: Capri

The place we decided to go was the island of Capri. In total, there were 18 of us that went. To get there, we had to get on a 5:41am train from Rome to Naples for 2.5 hours and then we had to hop on a 9:30am ferry from Naples to Capri. When we got there it was 10:30am. Right after we got off the ferry, we saw a stand where you could rent boats for up to nine people so we ended up renting two boats and splitting our group in half. In our boat, we took the whole day to circle the island. We took a boat tour of the blue grotto, swam in the green grotto, ate lunch by the arch and swam again a little past that. By the time we got back to shore, it was 6pm. We hung out in Capri for half an hour before we got on the 6:30pm ferry out. When we got back to Naples, we had dinner and then got on the 8:33pm train back to Rome. By the time we got back to the hotel, it was almost midnight. I planned on doing my art paper, but was too tired to do it so I just went to bed.


Day #5: Gemäldegalerie (Berlin)

Yesterday, we checked out of Hotel Amono at 10:30am. Some guy who worked there messed up how many days we were staying there so we had to move to a new hotel, The Alexanderplatz Hotel. That guy is now fired. After we checked out, we walked to the subway and rode it to the Gemäldegalerie. Here we looked at art for 2 hours by artists we learned about in class and a few other random pieces. After the art gallery, me and a few other people went to an African festival nearby the hotel for a bit. When we got back to the hotel, we started booking flights and hotels for our weekend trips for when we are studying at Oxford. To end the night, we went to a little venue about twenty minutes from the hotel and listened to a band called The Culprits, a band from Kennesaw, Tennessee.

I’ve decided that since I’m not traveling anymore I’m not going to post about my days in Oxford. There will be nothing new to take pictures of and there’s no reasons to write about class work. I will however post about my weekend trips.


Day #4: Zoo Berlin/ Topographie Des Terrors (Berlin)

This morning, we were supposed to go to the Gemäldegalerie, but for some reason we couldn’t get our tickets on time. So instead of going there for a few hours, our Art teacher decided to take us to Zoo Berlin, which is apparently the largest zoo in Europe. After the zoo, the 27 of us that came all ate at a restaurant in the Europa-Center nearby the zoo. After we ate lunch, we all had to walk 45 minutes to get to the Topographie Des Terrors holocaust museum. Also, a long strip of the Berlin Wall was right in front of it. After we went there, I passed out right when I got back in my hotel room from 6pm till now, 2:30am.


Day #30: Paris

This morning we left the hotel and headed towards Paris at 9am. Since it was a fairly short drive, we only had time for one movie, so we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the way there. When we got to Paris, we took a little bus tour before we settled down at our hotel. We passed by the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, the Dôme des Invalides, and many other places. By the time we arrived at the Tim Hotel, it was 4pm. After we all put our bags in our rooms, we all split up and went to different places. I ended up going with a few people to the Sacré-Coeur and back. Once we all were situated in the lobby getting ready to go to our 8pm welcome dinner, our art teacher gave us back our midterms. I ended up getting a 94 so that made me pretty happy. After we finished up our dinner, we got back to the hotel at 10pm. I didn’t feel like going with everyone tonight, so Allie and I watched The Dark Knight on her computer in her room and then we went directly to bed after it was finished.


Day #23: Bargello, Duomo, Galleria degli Uffizi (Florence)

This morning we had to get up early again as usual. The first place we visited was the Bargello at 9am. We were only here for about an hour since it was a pretty small museum. Since we didn’t have to be at the Uffizi till 12pm, me and a few other guys decided to go to the top of the Duomo. We were there for almost the whole two hours. When we got to the Uffizi, our Art teacher gave us a scavenger hunt assignment so that’s mainly what we did here. After that, I got lunch with Tommy, Sayan, and Anna at a pizza place nearby the Duomo and then went back to the hotel to take naps. We met up with our usual group at 8pm on the roof to hang out again. We mostly just had a few drinks and talked on the roof till 12am. Pretty much the whole group left at this time to go to a club nearby. We all walked with them, but Madison, Alex, and I decided we didn’t want to go. After we got back to the hotel, Madison, Allie, Sayan, and I hung out in Madison’s room and just hung out and talked till 2am. After that, we went straight to bed.


Day #18: The Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s, Pantheon, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Fontana di Trevi (Rome)

To start off the morning, we had to get up and get ready to go to the Vatican at 7:30am. When we got there, I quickly had breakfast with a few friends before we went in, and then we started our 3 hour tour around it, which included going through the Sistine Chapel and St. Peters. When we finished up around 12pm, our usual group was pretty divided on where to go, so me, Tommy, Madison, and Alex went our own way. We had a bad, expensive lunch, walked really far to the Pantheon, and then had to walk all the way to the Colosseum just to hop on the metro to take us close to our hotel. Right when we got back, we met up with our group and they wanted to go to the Colosseum again. At this point, Madison broke off to take a nap and we decided to go with the group. When we got there, we walked all around the inside of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. After that everyone wanted to go get dinner and go to the Fontana di Trevi and the Spanish Steps since none of them had gone yet, so I went…again. Of course lots of walking was involved. When I finally got back to the hotel, I hung out with Allison and Allie in the lobby till 1am and went to bed. Today was the most exhausting day ever. It involved me being awake for 18 hours and walking 10 miles around Rome. I probably was standing 15 of the hours I was awake.


Day #7: State Opera (Prague)

Since yesterday was the first day in the city, we had classes from 8:30-11:30am. After we finished up class, our bus driver, Baloo, took a few of us on a tour around Prague. I didn’t take any pictures during our tour since it was raining pretty hard. After it was over, a few of us split up and got lunch in different places and then went back to the hotel. Then at 7pm, we headed over to the State Opera House down the road and saw a 4 hour opera named Don Carlo. 


Weekend Trip #4 - Day #1: Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Arthur’s Seat (Edinburgh)

To start our trip, Tommy, Aaron, Adam, Vivek and I got on a MegaBus at 10:30pm and rode for nine hours till we got to the Edinburgh Bus Station at 7:30am. From there, we got some breakfast and immediately started exploring the city. We passed by the Scott Monument and St. John’s Cathedral on our way up to Edinburgh Castle. We ended up getting there around 11:00am. We took a little thirty minute tour, explored the area for about an hour, and then left after hearing the One O’clock Gun go off. Then we walked down The Royal Mile, went into St. Giles Cathedral, got lunch, and passed by the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Around 3pm, we climbed the hills of Holyrood Park and went all the way to the peak called Arthur’s Seat. We hung out here for a bit and enjoyed the view before we decided to head to head all the way to The Lighthouse Hostel. We walked all the way back across the city before we got there at 5pm. After we took showers, unpacked, and relaxed for a bit, we went out to dinner at a nearby pub and went on The City of the Dead historical ghost tour at 10:30pm. After that was over and we finished up at Greyfriar Cemetery, we walked back to the hostel and went to bed.


First Day in Oxford: First Christ Church Oxford

Today was a free day of course. That means I get to sleep in. I just so happened to sleep in till 1:30pm. When I got up, my morning started out with a bath (since we don’t have showers). Then I saw Vivek and Reid outside my window, so I talked to them for a bit. After that, Vivek and I walked around to some of the other buildings for a bit to check out other people’s rooms. Then I went to the college flea market at 3:30pm. I was one of the first people in line since it didn’t start till 4pm. I got laundry detergent, a laundry bag, paper bowls, and a large UK flag for only 3 pounds. After that, I went back to my room to set down my stuff, put my flag on my wall, and went back to The Quad. At 4:45pm I went to the supermarket with Kimberly, Abbey, Matt, and Zack (people from group 3). I forgot there was an extra credit music concert at 5:15pm, so I left the market without buying anything, got a quick bite from KFC, and went back. Then a group of us left and headed for the church for the “concert”. It was actually a Sunday mass. A few scenes from Harry Potter were filmed here so I took some pictures. Then I ate dinner at McDonalds with Reid, Vivek, Lauren, and Victoria since we missed our Oxford dinner for extra credit. Then at 8:30pm, I went to a nearby cinema with a large group of people and saw World War Z. After that, we headed back and went to bed around 1pm.


Day #26: Strasbourg Cathedral, Ghent

Before we left Strasbourg this morning, we went on a quick hour tour through the town at 10am. We walked all the way to the Cathedral, which took about forty minutes, and then we spent around twenty minutes there. At 11:30am, Baloo picked us up and we were off to Ghent. Halfway, we stopped at a gas station for lunch. After that, we watched Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. Before we got to Ghent, Baloo surprised us and took us to his son’s chocolate shop for about an hour since he lives in Belgium. When we got to the Ibis Hotel, it was 8:30pm and for some reason we didn’t have a welcome dinner. After we all unpacked, our group leaders told us we did in fact have a welcome dinner and led us to a restaurant about ten minutes away. We were here until 11:30pm and then we all headed back to the hotel. Some people went out to explore, but Madison, Allie, Sayan and I hung out in our room before we went to bed. I didn’t take any night photos of Ghent because my phone died.


Day #21: Orveto, Florence

Today, we departed for Florence. Since I didn’t write my paper the night before, I had to get up pretty early to do it since we were leaving at 8am. After I finished that and we loaded up the bus, we headed towards the town of Orveto. We got there around 10am, took some pictures from the top of the place, walked to a cathedral, and then ate lunch. We left the place around 1pm and ended up getting to the Ricasoli Hotel in Florence at 3pm. As soon as I got situated in my room, I passed out for 5 hours until the welcome dinner at 8pm. After dinner, me, Tommy, Sayan, and Reid walked around Florence for a few hours passing the Duomo and the Uffizie. When Sayan and I got back to our room at 11pm, we studied for our Art midterm till 1pm and went to bed.


Day #3: Pergamon Museum/ Berlin Philharmonic (Berlin)

Not much went on today. To start off the day, we got up pretty early around 7:30 to eat breakfast, we had Music and Art from 9-12, and then we headed over to the Pergamon Museum. Before we went there, we ate at a restaurant called Wilhenstepher. All the pictures I took today were mostly inside the museum and only two outside since it was raining. The museum mostly focused on Roman, Egyptian, and Islamic architecture and art. After the museum, we went to Häagen-Dazs. Then at 7, we went to a concerto called the Berlin Philharmonc to finish off the day. We weren’t allowed to take pictures there.


Day #2: The First Day (Berlin)

So directly after we got off the plane, it was 8am. We then got on a bus with an awesome driver named Baloo. He’s going to be our driver for the next month. After we got on, we rode around Berlin until it was time to check into the Hotel Amono at 1pm. After that, I walked around Berlin for 3-4 hours with a few people and took a ton of pictures.