ahordeoftrouble asked:

A childhood story

See how it wiggles?”

Melaeth giggled as he struggled to keep his hand open. The fuzzy caterpillar slowly moved across his hand. “When is it going to turn into a butterfly, Daeli?”

His sister smiled as he leaned toward him to move his hand slightly so the critter didn’t fall from his hand. “Probably in a few days. It’ll turn into a beautiful butterfly and fly away to be free.”

Melaeth thought hard for a moment and looked up at his sister, “Like us?”

She chuckled and patted her little brother’s head. “Don’t let mother hear you say that. She’ll be in tears forever.”

“No!” he gasped, shaking his head, his chin-length blonde hair moving from side to side. “Momma can’t cry forever.”

In the distance, their brother Mathavaen kept swinging his sword, pretending to be a soldier. He glanced over at his brother and sister and scowled, realizing no one was paying attention. Frustrated with the lack of attention, he marched over  to his siblings. “Hey! Get your ass off the ground, stop being a sissy, and fight me!” he shouted, pointing his sword at Melaeth.

“Leave him alone, Math! He’s not a sissy! He’s learning about life!”

“Life?” Mathavaen leaned over to Melaeth and grabbed the caterpillar from his hand. Melaeth and Daeli yelled at him as he dropped the creature and he swung his sword. “There. Remember, little brother, where there is life, there is death. Now get your ass up and fight me!”

Both Melaeth and Daeli stared at the dead caterpillar and Melaeth cried a little. “He’s not going to fly…”

Frustrated with her brother’s antics, Daeli hugged Melaeth, “No, he’s not. Sometimes, life isn’t fair.” She kissed her little brother’s head and sighed, “Go. If he gets too rough, I’ll stop him.”

“He’ll hit you.”

“But he won’t hurt me like that caterpillar. Go on.”

Melaeth wiped his eyes and grabbed his sword that was laying on the grass beside him. Furious with his brother, he picked up his sword and rushed at Mathavaen, who grinned and prepared for the battle.


quelloras asked:

☢: If your muse knew that they were going to die in 24 hours, name three things they would do in the time they had left. ♣: What’s your muse’s biggest cause of stress or anxiety?

1. If The Rat King knew he was going to die in 24 hours, he would:

  • Order the Ratz to emerge from the sewers and from hiding and kill everyone on sight. This includes poisoning the food source for the major city orphanages and hospitals.
  • Appear to his family. Kill his father and brother, apologize to his mother and Daeli.
  • Make love to Dante, his Sweet One ( stormcren )

Chance are that if he’s going to die in 24 hrs, there are several death knights lurking about waiting for him to croak to raise him XD

2. His biggest cause of stress or anxiety would have to be when his chronic pain would hit. He doesn’t like his Ratz knowing he was suffering; it shows weakness. So he worries that he’s going to be hit with pain in the middle of an assembly or in front of his followers.

Thanks! quelloras

chaszmyre asked:

➜: What sort of things does your muse keep in their pockets on any given day? ✎: Growing up, did your muse have a teacher or mentor figure? What was their relationship like?

Answered the first one! :D

His mentor was his father. In his father’s eyes, Melaeth was going to be a great soldier for the kingdom. He had already raised his older son Mathavaen, and he was heading on the right track, so Melaeth was a fairly simple assignment to him. Their relationship was not bad. He expected great things from his son and so Melaeth needed to look and act the part of a soldier, even as a child. Unfortunately, Melaeth was always getting in trouble because Mathavaen always blamed his younger brother. Although their sister Daeli tried to curve some of the blame, their father always attacked Melaeth. So as he grew up, there was that strain between them, and their relationship was completely severed when Melaeth revealed he was in love with his childhood friend, Jenris. His father could not accept that. After Melaeth was found in the forest after escaping the trolls, his father considered him to be damaged and locked him up in an asylum. When the asylum burned down, he lost track of his son. In his mind, his son is dead.

Thanks! chaszmyre