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Totally agree! That and she is so freaking gorgeous ^^

Yep especially when it’s a musical episode and you just sing all the songs :D

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Yes! I would totally love to watch it in 3D. That would be super amazing! I still have yet to get them all so far I only have seasons one through four.

Dude how can you live knowing you don’t have them all :O

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Netflix does internet streaming too! I mostly watch it while I am on my laptop because my parents really don’t watch the show. They don’t know what they are missing though :(

I usually watch shows on putlocker or whatever. Ow god why did I put one against an army on NOOOOO MY EMOTIONS :’(

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It is very hard that and I have Netflix. If it wasn’t for that I would survive :(

But I live in Australia so it cost me my soul to buy and Ship them here

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I agree that one was a tough on to watch. I remember the first time I watched that episode. I was sitting on my couch hugging a pillow saying “Please don’t let gabby die!”

THAT’S WHAT IM DOING RIGHT NOW but I need a pillow :’( ow no here comes the subtext/main text I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE