12th Planet, born John Dadzie, grew up in Los Angeles and was first introduced to the electronic music scene in high school when he regularly attended raves and jungle parties. After forming Imperial Recordings with DJ Lith, he launched his production skills on his own terms, originally producing drum and bass under the alias Infiltrata. In 2006, he decided that he was going to make dubstep. It was then that his new alias 12th Planet was created, in reference to Zecharia Sitchin’s book, 12th Planet. All production under the name 12th Planet is original. As one of the first individuals to bring the dubstep culture to America (in one of the USA’s electronic meccas, Los Angeles) 12th Planet has frequently been cited as the American Dubstep King.

12th Planet works frequently with Orange County producer Flinch and LA Local Skrillex (on tracks “Father Said”, “Needed Change” And “Burst” Along with Kill The Noise). He has also done collaborations with various dubstep producers including Datsik, Doctor P, Plastician, and Skream. Many well-known dubstep DJs (such as Rusko, Skream, Skrillex and more) use 12th Planets productions and remixes in their live DJ sets.

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