Autumn & Mandy met in the US Air Force & plan to marry 7.7.13 - currently, due to DOMA their future marriage would NOT be recognized by the federal govt. Like & ❤ their photos if you agree that a couple who SERVE OUR COUNTRY should NOT be denied the more 1,000 federal rights & benefits associated with marriage. 


Pictures from the ‘Gay Warriors’ series, photo project by Australian-born artist Tatjana Plitt.

The photos themselves are an homage to 17th century marriage and family portraits, in an effort to “celebrate the respectability and validity of these same-sex couples and provide a contemporary take on the notion of traditional marriage and family,” according to a press release.

Click here for the Kickstarter fundraising campaign that will help the artist to photograph more couples.

Sixty-six years ago, in the dense, snow-covered forests of Western Europe, Allied Forces were beating back a massive assault in what would become known as the Battle of the Bulge. And in the final days of fighting, a regiment in the 80th Division of Patton’s Third Army came under fire. The men were traveling along a narrow trail. They were exposed and they were vulnerable. Hundreds of soldiers were cut down by the enemy.

And during the firefight, a private named Lloyd Corwin tumbled 40 feet down the deep side of a ravine. And dazed and trapped, he was as good as dead. But one soldier, a friend, turned back. And with shells landing around him, amid smoke and chaos and the screams of wounded men, this soldier, this friend, scaled down the icy slope, risking his own life to bring Private Corwin to safer ground.

For the rest of his years, Lloyd credited this soldier, this friend, named Andy Lee, with saving his life, knowing he would never have made it out alone. It was a full four decades after the war, when the two friends reunited in their golden years, that Lloyd learned that the man who saved his life, his friend Andy, was gay. He had no idea. And he didn’t much care. Lloyd knew what mattered. He knew what had kept him alive; what made it possible for him to come home and start a family and live the rest of his life. It was his friend.

And Lloyd’s son is with us today. And he knew that valor and sacrifice are no more limited by sexual orientation than they are by race or by gender or by religion or by creed; that what made it possible for him to survive the battlefields of Europe is the reason that we are here today. That’s the reason we are here today.
—  President Obama, signing the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” The repeal went into effect a year ago today. 

THIS ROX: “Homecoming” - gay rights are human rights.

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