POZ Playlist: Dads, Tiny Moving Parts


Dads are officially out on their headlining tour in support of I’ll Be The Tornado with help from Tiny Moving Parts. We have both bands together for a new Playlist, and you can read and listen along to the PropertyOfZack feature below!

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What we like to listen to right now, from John, Scott, Ryan, and Carly.


Flicker Fade by Taking Back Sunday
TBS never fails! We felt this was their best song live at Riot Fest. GOOSEBUMPS GALORE!!!
Loom by Frameworks
AWESOME song by AWESOME dudes!!! Really fun live and the music video is sick!!!
Two Beers In by Free Throw
Such a great drunken sing along song that makes you feel warm inside! Yeah yeah!
Dark Places by Gaslight Anthem
Hands down our favorite song on the new album! A well written awesome tune that hits you deep in the feelz! #feelz
Pothole by Modern Baseball
MY BOYZ!!! It’s great to have such an energetic band be able to pull off a slower song. Mad props :)
Decayin’ with the Boys by Every Time I Die
This song makes us all want to PARTY! We all thought Hot Damn! was ETID’s best album, but the new From Parts Unknown takes the cake. Very impressive and powerful music they continue to make!

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I just know I can’t be the only one on tumblr who gets kind of sad at those “dad joke” memes that get reblogged dozens of times a day where the posts are basically all “dads are all corny and slightly over protective and lovingly aodrkable am i right?”

Because no. Mine wasn’t. Reflecting on my dad doesn’t end with my smiling whimsically at his bad puns and the goofy ways he had of showing he loved me.

So to everyone else out there feeling the same - just know you aren’t alone. My dad sucked too.

the two most dad things my dad has ever done:
  1. In high school, he took me to see Rent at the Fox Theater and his response was, “I don’t understand why they didn’t all just get jobs.”
  2. A few years ago, I took him to see Bruce Springsteen, and he not only insisted on sitting through most of the set but also leaned forward and tapped the shoulder of one of the bros who were dancing and having a good time in the seats in front of us (as you do) and said, “You know, you don’t have to stand the entire time.” Because they were blocking his view.

my dad just brought home a W E A L T H Y-A S S investment banker he found.

the dude was stranded at the circle k because something in his FUCKING BMW broke while he was driving. my dad couldn’t fix it at the station so he drove the dude to our house, where he washed his hands and talked to my family. while my dad tried to find a few bucks for gas to drive the dude an hour away in an suv.

eventually my dad was like “samantha do u have fuel in your car” and i’m like “only a very tiny amount but u can take my car if you’ll put a little gas in it” and he was like fine.

but then i internally remembered HOLY SHIT MY CAR IS DISGUSTING. because it is. i am a car slob. i make no excuses.

my nonchalant slobbery has BETRAYED ME NOW. here is this nearly-handsome W E A L T H Y-A S S I N V E S T M E N T B A N K E R and i’m like angling for a position as well-paid sexretary…….but my car is covered in dust and hair and dirt and nugget remnants and STRAIGHT UP A HUGE SPIDER LIVES IN IT. i shook that mans hand and smiled to his face and did not warn him of what was waiting for him. he’s never going to hire me now.

plus what if he murders my dad and comes back to hunt my stepmom and sisters and me for sport WITHOUT paying us?

also my dad is the kind of twerp who will decline money for doing a good deed. he’s taking my car so if the dude offers money or to fill up my car or something, my dad had better remember whose car that is or im gonna fight him.