Derian: Missing Kay

Julian looked down at his phone, sighing.  Writing Sebastian a quick note to let him know where he’d be, he got his things together, sliding on a coat.  Not entirely sure that he should condone Derek drinking anymore, he grabbed a six pack of beer, deciding that he would see how bad off Derek was and decide from there whether he would let him have any more.  He called a cab, tipping him and getting out.  He walked up to Derek’s apartment, knocking on the door.  “Der, it’s me,” he called, waiting on his friend to answer the door.

An Apology

When Danny had finished crying, finished hearing the frightening thoughts, he sat up and started going through his money. With the check from Wes, and the stash of pills that he still had, he’d be fine for quite awhile. Danny grabbed a wad of cash from his earlier dealing. $5000. His stomach churned as he thought of Kayleigh and Derek. He’d been helping Derek alot, what if the man needed his help? Danny let out a soft whimper, resisting the urge to rub his arms against the scratchy blanket on his bed. He placed the money into in an envelope with a slip of paper simply reading “For you and Kay”.

Danny arrived at the door of Derek’s apartment fully bundled in his new winter clothes. He stared for a moment, then slid the envelope under the door, walking away with a choked sob.

Julian's Christmas Gifts to Friends

Sebastian: A “coupon” for a romantic night out in New York, a lock with both of their initials on it to put at the Pont if they ever go back, sings “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” a plane ticket to come back with him to California for a few days to pack up his apartment with him, and the news that he is moving to New York permanently.

Derek: 18 Megapixal Canon Rebel and various lenses with pictures loaded on it that Julian took of Kayleigh and of him with Kayleigh to “make up” for the pictures he lost, a bunch of various toys for Kayleigh, a nice dog bed for their new puppy, and toys for the puppy.

Reed: A charitable donation of his choice, a set of new paintbrushes, and a card stating that after their talk at dinner, he decided to make the move to New York, and that they should start meeting up for coffee or such regularly.

Danny: A $1000 Visa card.

Kurt/Bailey: A “coupon” for free babysitting so they can go out on a date sometime.