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Their relationship was an odd one, even for the society in which they lived in. Here it was common for a father to sleep with their son one to show them the way but Dante and his son never really stopped. 

Dante exited the shower half an hour before but still was wandering around the house in just a towel around his waist. Finally his son returned home. ‘Hey, how’s things? Actually get work done today, lazy ass?’ he teased.

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okay, can i ask for dad!vert angrily tending to his flowers after a family dinner with grantaire, and grantaire's boyfriend enjolras?

i’m laughing okay this is a very good prompt

Javert frustratedly waters his petunias, muttering under his breath as he holds the bright yellow watering can in one hand, the other hand clenched into a fist.  He mumbles something about ‘stupid bourgie white boys’ under his breath and snaps his head round abruptly when he hears laughter coming from behind him.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me, Grantaire,” he hisses at his son.

“Dad, how many times do I have to tell you?” the young man (Javert would probably still call him a boy even though he’s in his twenties now) responds, shaking his head, “It was an accident.”

“He ruined my favourite shirt!”

“That shirt was hideous anyway,” Grantaire retorts, “God, I can’t believe you actually own a galaxy print t-shirt.”

“Owned,” Javert corrects him bitterly, narrowing his eyes, “It’s covered in chocolate sauce now, thanks to your idiot boyfriend.”

“He’s not an idiot, Dad.”

“He threw his chocolate cake at me!”

“Because you were insulting his ideas!”

“That’s what you do every time you’re with him!”

“That’s different, I’m fucking him!”

Javert blinks. Grantaire blushes. The former rubs his temples and lets out a long sigh.

“Please, Grantaire, just let me go back to my gardening,” he begs.

His son nods and awkwardly shuffles away. 

  • Kate:If we have like a kid, and then we'll be like "Our kid is perfect!"...
  • Northernlion:"Fuck you, Mom!"
  • Kate:After like five years or ten years...
  • Northernlion:"Get a real job, Dad!" Oh come on, son.
  • Kate:"I hate my parents because they always stay at home. They suck. They don't leave me alone. Always telling us to hang out with them, play games and play Mario Party. I hate games! I hate Mario Party!"
  • Northernlion:If we had a son or a daughter, they would grow up to be like a professional athlete.
Time to be me again!!
  • A little over a year ago my fiance of 9 years left me and my son. He said he didn't love me and he didn't think he ever did. I cant tell you how devastated I was. He left our family home and then told everybody it was a mutual split. He never had much to do with our 5 year old son. And was very concerned he wouldn't have anything to do with him. He wanted us to be friends. I really did try for our little boys sake. I really did. He came to me with all his problems and never once did I turn him away. He got a new girlfriend and he told me all about her but she didn't last long. He is now with somebody else. My son adores her. They are now engaged and very happy. And I'm happy for them I really am. My sons dad is really good with our son now. He wants to be apart of his life. In the process I've lost a full family (my ex in-laws)They no longer want anything to do with me. Even though I was told I would always be part of their family. All my friends are married/ getting married or engaged and having more children and I felt like my life has completely frozen. My life wasn't moving on. But do you know what I've decided if I want my life to move on I need to give it a little help. (Or a big shove) I have started by dyeing my hair. I've dyed it red. I've been losing weight and doing yoga and Pilate's along with Julian Michaels and decided enough with the comfort eating. I have a great job which I love. Enough mopping about and feeling sorry for myself. I'm going to be me again.
  • Just thought I would share that. Because after all I've been through the past year I am still standing. ☺

[with my future son in the living room after dinner] 

son: Dad, can we please watch the game, my team’s playing and I–
me: No, we are watching Britney Spears Dream Within A Dream tour DVD again. Wow, just look at that choreography.