Watching Thor with my dad was a struggle. The whole time he would ask me who Thor was…or more specifically he tried to say that every single character was named Thor. Loki comes on screen-“Hey, that’s Thor right?”
The queen comes on screen-“Who’s that? Princess Thor?”
The king-“Oh, that’s Thor Sr.”
Some random dark elf-“Thor!”
Jane-“Is that evil princess Thor?” Then once my dad finally goes to the other room my dog, Piper, walks in there and I hear my dad go, “Hey look!! It’s Thor Jr.!!!!!!”

so i was talking to my dad about guardians of the galaxy and when i mentioned chris pratt my dad sighs and says “I dont know how parents could be mean enough to name their child after a fried rodent” and i sat there looking really confused and he just whispered “crisp rat.”