dad!harry gives me feels

for anon who requested future!louis and harry with their child but i honestly can’t imagine how they’ll look like when they’re older, so this ended up looking like they’re just babysitting lux whoops??

Dear Petunia,

So I reread Harry Potter again, 1 to 7 and realised something. In the first book, Harry is at Kings Cross about to go to Hogwarts, the Dursley brought him there and they go with him until Awful-Uncle-Vernon laughs at Harry because, there is no such platform 9 ¾, there is only 9 and 10. Right? Yeap.

Now tell me Petunia, you lil’ shit, we know that you went with Lily in her first time and cross the wall to see the Express, because of the memories that Snape gave to Harry in the last book, HOW COME YOU COULDN’T SAY TO YOUR DESPERATE NEPHEW ABOUT THE BLOODY CROSSING WALL YOURSELF? Obviously you’ve done it before, wtf is wrong with you?

Unedited Poem

(unedited because I have to work tomorrow and I am falling asleep also it’s not broken up because I cut and pasted it from my pages and the formatting went to shit so… but I think I like it, don’t know because the whole unedited thing but yeah.  Yeah)  Please keep reading if we’re good friends.  I won’t blame you if you don’t though because it’s long. 

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I have a dentist’s appointment in the morning so I will go to bed soon, but we planned a few things for tomorrow and things are bound to get interesting in nyc, so if anyone’s thought on applying now would be a pretty good time to do so. Plenty of popular faceclaims are still available and we’re quite big on underused!