dad!harry gives me feels

for anon who requested future!louis and harry with their child but i honestly can’t imagine how they’ll look like when they’re older, so this ended up looking like they’re just babysitting lux whoops??

216. When Scorpius was little he would ask Draco to tell him a story about Hogwarts. Draco, who could never deny his sweet little boy anything, told Scorpius about the great adventures of a certain trio. Scorpius would always ask his father if the stories were true and could he ever be as great as the heroes. Draco would reply the same way each time, "Yes, Scorpius, they are very true. You can be anything you can imagine and never let anyone hold you back."

So, as I’m doing some research about violins, (I need to present about them in one of my upcoming classes) I came across this pretty talented violinist named DSharp. I honestly don’t know anything about violonists, but he sounds real good to me, so I subscribed to his channel. This is the most recent video he’s uploaded, and I thought it was fucking awesome.

but after jackson found out that julianne was pregnant, jackson was like ‘shit gotta get my fuckin life together gdi’ and stopped selling drugs (which definitely was not easy and got him into a shit ton of fights and he came home a lot of nights v broken and bruised) and got a job as a bouncer at a night club and so he gets to beat people up for a living and after june is born he gets to be home during the day with her and is like a gentle flower and wears sweater vests and shit & at night he goes to the club in a fucking leather jacket or s/t looking all badass and completely not like himself and just. tshiirts