"Growing up, The Lion King was my favorite movie. I knew every line and loved every character, especially Scar and Mufasa. But ever since my father passed away, I can’t watch it anymore without sobbing my guts out and becoming depressed. Mufasa reminds me too much of my dad and Simba’s reaction is too familiar to my own. I love this movie, but watching it only makes me miss my dad all the more"

911) It really bothers me that my dad can't wrap his head around the fact that I'm not going to get rid of my anxiety over night and no matter how many times he asks "you're feeling a bit more positive though right?" Just because I am feeling positive one day it does not mean I'll stay positive for a whole week or that something won't trigger me to start feeling anxious. it does not change the fact that every day is different and it stresses me out. I feel like he can't empathise with anything I'm going through.