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Portland Black Lipstick Co. Review by Tara Dactyl

I’ve been really wanting to try this brand for a long time!

Fem Spock: Teryl Dactyl (Costume ect herself)

Fem Captain Kirk: Chrisscreama (Costume and Hair by Teryl, Makeup by Carmen Zhou - Model)

Photography: Rotoshoot 

She called me perfect today

She called me perfect after I sent her a video of my dancing around in a sweater with a bajillion bells on it

But she called me perfect and it’s stupid to be all fluttery and FUCK YEAH about it but whatever she’s my girlfriend and it totally made me feel fucking awesome so yeah no big deal at all

She called me perfect.

  • Caius:Which Yeul are you talking about? I've known and protected hundreds of Yeuls. Although they had the same soul. every one of them was unique.
  • Caius:A Yeul who dreamed of travel!
  • Caius:A Yeul who loved to sing!
  • Caius:A Yeul who collected flowers.
  • Caius:They all died. All of them, before my eyes!
  • Kaz:A Yeul who wanted to learn every language.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who played video games for 13 hours a day.
  • Medibot:A Yeul who became a private investigator.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who counted sand.
  • Kung-Fu Jesus:A Yeul who became a pastry chef.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who compusively cleaned carpets.
  • Medibot:A Yeul who joined the Dadaist movement.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who would only comb her hair with boar bristle brushes.
  • Kung-Fu Jesus:A Yeul who became a voodoo priest.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who liked to sharpen things that don't usually have edges.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who would not stop talking.
  • Medibot:A Yeul who would never speak.
  • Pokecapn:A Yeul who hated really big swords.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who was a graphic designer.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who did not want to see this happen.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who did not know how to swim.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who embarked on a quest to use every power tool... only once.
  • Medibot:A Yeul who became an overnight hip-hop sensation.
  • Pokecapn:A Yeul who wore really big shoes.
  • Kaz:A Yeul who composed all of her sentences and thoughts in dactylic hexameter.

Yeah schools starting and screw that I have to start going to the gym bASICALLY AFTER THE 25TH IM NOT GONNA BE ON SO MUCH ;A; except on the weekends maybe. but im still gonna be here so foLLOW FOREVER

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I’ve talked to a lot of people on this list in the past, not so much anymore. I’ve never talked to some of the people on this list. I literally just snapchatted some of the people on this list. Thinking about the people I used to talk to brings back some good, bad, and embarrassing memories. I wish I talked to some of the people on this list. And well I currently talk to a few and they make me pretty happy when I’m upset. I’ve followed some people for a long time and some for just a few days. Thanks for being super awesome! I’m 99.98% sure I didnt miss anyone but if I did pleASE tell me!

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1. For my 7th birthday I went to Disneyland and a KISS concert. 

2. I have an obsession with Star Wars

3. My Hydro Flask is attached to me.

4. I find comfort in airports, especially when I have a layover. 

5.  I don’t like mayo.

6.  I’m a sucker for a view of city lights in the night.

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