said: The sooner you “let go” of one, the sooner you can get to the next one, i.e. as soon as humanely possible… ;-) Great work, btw! ✌

Thank you :) I have to agree! That’s part of my thought process, however it often gets clouded with, ‘what if you did this one differently’, the two can often get confused ;)


 said: Yeah.. I know the feeling. I leave it for a day before posting..!

I used to queue up my pictures and art when I had time to arrange them and look over them before hand, but I get too keen to see how the pictures get received these days :)


 said: Ditto. That is why I keep an unedited copy too. In case I change my mind.

Yeah, another great reason why I love Lightroom! The Snapshots are really useful for this. Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating in some way by re-uploading the same picture, even if I like several edits!