A wish from the heart

To feel so immersed in something, then to have no fears…. forgetting the ‘supposed’ repercussions, being careless for once. How I wish that I could let these feelings of anxiousness go….. just to be free and explore, what destiny is to be mine, and what is my daastan….  

Aasmano se utara noor hai koi..
aasamano se utara noor hai koi..
aisa lgta hai k hoor hai koi…
aasmano se utara noor hai koi

anonymous said:

fak is in a bunch of dramas of which daastan and zindagi gulzar hai are actually good and aren't lame stereotypical dramas. just so you know. in case you wanted desi show recs. not because he's perf or anything.

if by “fak” you mean fawad khan…then oh cool idk I kinda stopped watching desi serials like 4 years ago but if I ever to start I will keep that in mind