On the road from Yunkai, Daario had brought her a flower or a sprig of some plant every evening when he made his report… to help her learn the land, he said.

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daario/daenerys, daenerys is upset about having to chain her children and seeks out daario for comfort idk...

"What would you have me say?" He said carelessly, throwing his blades up into the air, only to catch them with an ease that caused further annoyance within Daenerys. 

"I would have you comfort me. Hold me. Tell me I’m right." For all her years, sometimes the Khaleesi wanted to be coddled. Wanted reassurance, even if it was from her traitorous sellsword. Her brave Captain…

"Do you not have slaves to hold you? Sputtering servants to follow you, tell you that you are right? Mother, mother, right with every move-" He almost dropped one of the throwing knives as Dany aimed a chalice at his arrogant face. He had been like this, guarded like this, ever since she announced her intent to marry that noble fool. 

"I did not come here for you to watch you play with your daggers. I did not come here for you to tease me!" She shouted now, all the confusion and impotent frustration bubbling to the surface, ready to explode… When she raised her face, Daario was in front of her.

"Then what did you come here for?" He glided his finger across her collar bone, using his other hand to cup her face. "What other purpose would you have of my mouth, if not to speak the truth?" And suddenly the bride of fire had other things on her mind than words of reassurance.