Ellie’s POV

I did what I have been doing all  life… I ran.

That seems to be all I ever do when something bad happens. Run.

I kept running for about 15 minutes before I settled down on a park bench. 

Maybe I was over thinking to much.

Harry kissed me.

But doesn’t that mean he likes me back?

Or it could have been because of his… urges. He is Harry Styles after all.

But he wouldn’t do that.

What’s stopping him?

He’s just not that type of person.

Have you seen the magazines?

They could be rumors.

With photo evidence?

Photoshop. I deal with it all the time.

I don’t think it's Photoshop.

It might be.

But it might not. I bet that he is the man whore you see in the magazines. I bet he’s using this sweet and caring facade to get in your pants, Louis knows how he is, that’s why they made a bet. And then when he gets what he wants, he’ll drop you. Just like the rest of them.

You win.

I felt tears welling up in my eyes. Why did life have to be so confusing?

I put my head in my hands and rubbed my temples then I remembered my mum’s message. I pulled out my phone. 

6 missed calls from Mummy x

5 new messages.


I’m sorry I missed your call I had to organise .. something, please ring sweetie, it’s really important xxxxxx

From: Mummy x

To: Ellie

I understand if your busy but we SERIOUSLY need to talk xxxxxx

From: Mummy x

To: Ellie

Ellie please.

From: Mummy x

To: Ellie

Ellie this is important!! Pick up the fucking phone!!

From: Mummy x

To: Ellie

Els, please come back xxxxxxxxxxxxx

From: Hazza bear <3

I re-read that message about 5 times, maybe he does care.

But that wasn’t my priority at the moment.

Calling: Mummy x

Ring Ri-

“Ellie, thank god!”

“I’m sorry, I had other stuff going on.”

“It’s fine honey, but I need to tell you something.”


I heard her voice cracking at the other end of the line.

“Your dad… was in a car crash this morning.”

Time froze.

“Well… is he okay?”

“They said that if he is lucky he will make it through…”


“Unfortunately he was not so lucky, he died at about 11 this morning.

I dropped my phone. My daddy… is gone.

He’s never coming back.

I did something I haven’t done in years.

I let my walls come crashing down and I cried.


Harry’s POV

I had to find her.

I ran through empty alleyways and busy roads and nearly got ran over three times before I had to stop to catch my breath. I put my hands on my knees and closed my eyes. I clearly needed to start going to the gym more. 

I re opened my eyes to find a red glistening wrapper shining under the dim glow of the street light.

I squinted to see better and hunched myself back up so I was standing up straight.

I stared directly at the red shiny material that was flailing in the wind.

I edged closer and closer ‘til I was able to reach down and pick it up.

I held it in my frigid fingers and examined it.

A kitkat wrapper. I’m close now.

I put my foot forward and carry on running.

I ran into the park and started scanning the landscape.

I noticed a small wooden bench at the other side of the park with a figure sitting on it.

Please let it be her.

I picked up my pace and ran faster than I ever have before.

I got a better look at the figure as I came closer.

She had her hood up, a smashed phone beside her and her head in her hands, crying.

It was definitely her.

I inched closer as big droplets of rain came cascading from the sky, enveloping my curls in icy water.

I stepped on a twig in front of me and I saw her flinch. 

She looked up at me. Red lipstick smudged across her pale cheeks, dark bags hanging below here empty and emotionless eyes. Her hair now drenched and hanging in ratty knots by her face, her earlier perfect eye make up trickling down her cheeks with the rain and her tears.

Yet she still managed to look beautiful.

I managed a small smile at her.

Her eyes glazed over and she burst into tears, putting her head back in her hands and slumping back on the bench.

I sat down next to her and did the only thing I could do; hug her.

She pulled out of my grasp and gazed at me with a broken expression.

"My Dad’s died.”

I stared at her in shock. I knew there was no point in asking if she was okay. She clearly wasn’t.

So again, I did the only thing that sprang to my mind, I continued hugging her,  and i continued to hug her until the pain went away.