tonight was so incredible–we got to take Forest to his very first show [the Shook Twins (a mix between Eisley and the Staves aka amazing) and Gregory Alan Isakov (well you probably already know he is the greatest thing ever)] and aside from the cheering/yelling between songs, he loved it. but at one point, he was just pretty tired and wouldn’t sleep and kept making loud lazy-cry noises so we had to take turns holding him in the back and going up close to watch for a few songs. well I got to be up front for my most favorite song (well two of them) and I can’t even explain how wonderful it was. I wasn’t worrying about people around me or thinking about other things, I was completely in the moment and singing along with every word, and the cello was so full and rich and beautiful and that combined with the violin and crazy good electric guitar and Greg’s voice nearly brought me to tears (for real). I didn’t even take one photo tonight because of how great every moment was (not saying this to be like 💁, I actually wish I took at least one, just didn’t have any time to! Too busy listening!). It was the greatest live show we’ve ever been to (plus I got a cool tee)!All that to say, if you ever get the chance to see Gregory Alan Isakov live, please take it.