holy fuck i finally finished this haha

anyway here’s a cute pic of the Corabelle family goin’ for a walk. this is not long after Corazon and Bellemere meet for the first time in my modern american age accurate school au (maybe they’ve gone on a few dates or so), which is why Nojiko is kinda staring at Law like she’s sizing him up and why Law is being a typical rebellious teenage son and ignoring everyone to check his twitter

that’s a bouquet of Coral Bells that Cora is holding, btw. and Bellemere’s shoes are all dirty because she only has one pair of sneakers and she usually wears them when she’s working in the tangerine groves (she uses the rest of her money to buy Nami and Nojiko nicer clothes instead of buying herself new shoes.. or new jeans for that matter)

also, i want Cora’s jacket. and Law’s shirt. also his jacket too

Cậu, cậu sôi nổi như màu đỏ. Cậu thích tớ vì tớ nhẹ nhàng như màu xanh thanh thoát. Cậu chạm vào tớ để đột nhiên tớ nở rộ một trời tử đinh hương và rồi cậu quyết định rằng màu tím đơn giản không phải dành cho cậu.


Translated from the original saying:

You were red. You liked me ‘cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.


Credit Ảnh

Race War isn't cool, guys.

First ever tabletop game for everyone in the party, including the GM. I decide to be a Half-Elf Warlock (D&D 4th ed).

We end up in a magic-denying human kingdom. They believe all magic is something only elves can produce, and that it’s to be distrusted, if not feared.

So the party is walking through the streets at midnight (I’ve been hiding in my hooded cloak, elf ears and all that) and I get a Perception check to notice my pocket being picked by someone who’s been sneaking up behind us. Being a Chaotic Neutral kind of fellow, I cast fire spells first, ask questions later.

It was a street urchin.


Evidently, the guards found the charred body, and the king of the land declared war on his elvish neighbors, blaming all elves for this heinous crime that could only have been committed by magic.

So that’s how I started a Race War. How I ended a Race War is a different topic altogether.


Have a fantabulous day my Darlings! Here is Darling Bromance Day 26!

*credit to Imdb.com, Pinterest.com, Zimbio.com, and Youtube.com for pictures*

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