All clean covers of the DMMd drama cd series in one post for your convenience!

How I managed to make all of them? Simple: I had to play jigsaw puzzle. A LOT.

  • Koujaku’s and Clear’s have their digital colors, no scans used.
  • For Mink’s I just had to replace the number’s color.
  • Nitro+ C87’s website helped me with Noiz’s.
  • engage+ment just gave problems with the nose :P

And bonus NoiAo close-up ‘cause you should tell already that I’m a NoiAo trash :D


After a catastrophic explosion destroyed a government building and killed countless civilians for no seeming reason, the party started digging through the rubble as the paladin looked to the sky and prayed to his god…

Paladin: ”Why? Why is there so much destruction and death, for no reason?”

DM: “You look to the sky, expecting to hear a reply or feel some sort of reassurance as you always do… when you hear nothing. Silence.”

Paladin: "…meaning?"

Ranger: ”They blew up your god.”


Of Sun And Sea And You Art Masterpost (view on LJ)
for the SPN Reverse Bang

Of Sun and Sea and You
jinxedambitions / jinxedambitions
Artist: rhapsodean / rhapsodean 
Pairing: Dean/Castiel 
Art Rating: PG-13
Fic Rating: NC-17 
Word Count: 37,878 
Warnings/tags: Surfing AU, Blue Crush Fusion, Alcohol Use, Drug Use, Bottom Dean, Explicit Sexual Content, Mild PTSD

After a surfing accident that nearly took his life, Dean is trying to pull himself back together. Bills are piling up. Raising a rebellious Sam isn’t easy, and he’s constantly worried he’ll lose custody of his brother. Dean is still having nightmares about the accident, but making a name for himself at Pipe might be his only viable option to solve their financial woes. With the weight of the world bearing down on his shoulders, Dean might just find salvation in the most unlikely of people.

Castiel has lived worry-free life since he was born into the richest family on the island. As the son of real estate mogul Naomi Novak, he wanted for nothing, except the freedom to make his own choices and be his own man. He moved to New York to start his own career away from his mother’s influence, but a family reunion brings him back to the place of his birth. When Castiel’s brother signs him up for a surfing lesson, he finds there’s a lot more he can learn from his green-eyed instructor than just how to catch a wave.

Artist Notes: I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed working on this challenge (thank you mods!). The idea for a surf au came from the film Blue Crush (2002) and being surrounded by family and people who surf (even if my own skills have severely declined over the years), and I was so fortunate to be claimed by an author who is even more passionate about it than me! Liz is a beautiful, tropical fish, an amazing author, and the story she wrote is better than any I could have imagined or hoped for. Thank you Liz ♥ Shaka!

Art in order of appearance: Banner, Original Art Prompt, Dean and Cas in the sunset, Dean under the stars, and Dean and Cas sleepy cuddles.

Auch schön, wie der ganzen “official”-blogs zuerst gesagt haben, sie würden nur ihrem speziellen Gebiet nachgehen, aber jetzt gibt es untereinander nur noch Diskussionen über Ketchup und Nutella und Manuel Neuer und schreckliche Bravo-Comics und NEIN ES IST NICHT ALLES BÄM!