I’ve finished my portfolio and I’m getting it ready to upload. I drew a little motivational Tadashi ‘cause I’m kinda stressed out right now with classes and he’s really therapeutic to draw. :) Thought I’d share it with you guys, in case you guys need a little pick-me-up! He’s not giving up on you!

Help me get a binder and some boxers uwu

Hey guys, so right now I dont have any income or way of saving money but I was really hoping I could have some help getting a binder and maybe a couple packing boxers??? I’m willing to give out my paypal if you message me so like? Idk I’m aiming to get at least 100 so I can get both a binder and boxers so signal boost I guess! Thanks!

I think I may have died and gone to DM Valhalla. I found someone online who was looking for someone to run a 5th Edition game in Vegas, and- since I started reading the PHB- I said I’d learn and run it. This is the text I got from the guy organizing the game today:

The biggest problem you may have in that regard is people writing mini novels. Backstory and world involvement is important to them. They want to know “why” they are fighting, not just stat fights v mobs.

Oh sweet d20 in the sky, I will live with problems like that.