The picture above and the item numbers below are from this list posted in 2013. They are all Gemini colors.

Ten d10 Sets

26251 Black-Gold w/silver
26252 Blue-Orange w/white
26253 Copper-Teal w/silver
26254 Green-Yellow w/silver
26255 Pink-Purple w/white
26256 Steel-Teal w/white

Polyhedral 7-die Sets
26451 Black-Gold w/silver
26452 Blue-Orange w/white
26453 Copper-Teal w/silver
26454 Green-Yellow w/silver
26455 Pink-Purple w/white
26456 Steel-Teal w/white

16mm d6 Dice Block (12 d6)
26651 Black-Gold w/silver
26652 Blue-Orange w/white
26653 Copper-Teal w/silver
26654 Green-Yellow w/silver
26655 Pink-Purple w/white
26656 Steel-Teal w/white

12mm d6 Dice Block (36 d6)
26851 Black-Gold w/silver
26852 Blue-Orange w/white
26853 Copper-Teal w/silver
26854 Green-Yellow w/silver
26855 Pink-Purple w/white
26856 Steel-Teal w/white

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 5: Favorite dice

Set 1.) The Proto Dice: These 4 dice have been with me since long before I ever started or even remotely knew about D&D beyond the pictures in a monster manual. The d6’s were special editions for an old table top game I played called Mage Knight (the precursor to Heroclix) that I picked up in trade back when I was in 7th-8th grade with one of the regulars. The set of d%’s were actually part of a pick your own path starwars adventure book series I used to get when I was in grade school. They were one of those monthly subscription things but the way you read the books is you rolled checks to determine what happened. It was pretty cool.

When terrible rolls meet great ones

Fighter: “I roll to tackle the rotting tree and bridge the gap.” *rolls a 1*
GM: *rolls a d6* “You slip on some mud and go hurtling towards the Monk at full speed. Monk, make a Reflex check.”
Monk: *rolls a natural 20* “My close combat instincts kick in and I accidentally suplex him into the mud.”