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Pairing: Shizaya
Theme: morning person

It didn’t make any sense that Shizuo was a morning person, Izaya thought. Everything about him indicated he wouldn’t be, that he’d sleep until two pm and still wake up groggy and tired.

Izaya loathed the day that Shizuo would realize despite all presumptions, Orihara Izaya was not a morning person. He would wake up early only for work but until he had his coffee, he would be irritable. On the worst days, he would walk into the wall a few times as he tried to leave the bedroom.

The morning that the truth was revealed, Izaya tried to wake up before Shizuo and slip out of bed, wake up before the blond could tell. But a single movement awoke the blond and going back to sleep would seem suspicious, so he had no choice but to act as normally as he could.

Shizuo was stretching when Izaya stood up, reaching over and pulling on a pair of boxers laying on the ground. He muttered something about the shower under his breath and could see Shizuo sitting up from the corner of his eye, already looking as alert as Izaya would be in a few hours.

Damn Shizu-chan…


Izaya stopped to rub his forehead from where he had walked into a half open door and knew that Shizuo was staring at him.

"…Oi, what’s—"

"Shut up."

"You’re not a—?"

"Shut up."

"I didn’t expect—"

Izaya turned around.

"Shut up or I will slice you apart."

From then on, Shizuo decided it was best to not be a morning person at Izaya’s.

Desenho finalizado A Lei Áurea (Lei Imperial n.º 3.353), sancionada em 13 de maio de 1888, foi a lei que extinguiu a escravidão no Brasil. Foi precedida pela lei n.º 2.040 (Lei do Ventre Livre), de 28 de setembro de 1871, que libertou todas as crianças nascidas de pais escravos, e pela lei n.º 3.270 (Lei Saraiva-Cotegipe), de 28 de setembro de 1885, que regulava “a extinção gradual do elemento servil”. Grande mentira está é a minha verdade #ipatinga #d301 #ntgallery #newtradtattoo #neotraditional (em D301)

Oh my god I’ve been awake like twenty minutes and already today is freaking great

My religion class teacher finally uploaded our final exam essay question and pretty much I just have to pick two authors from the beginning of class, which will be Kierkegaard and Feuerbach, and then Nietzsche and Freud and talk about the evolution of critics of traditional religion and what alternatives to religion they offer. And we have to use a lot of quotes so that won’t be hard. AND I have until next Saturday night to finish it c:

And she uploaded our out of class writing since we didn’t get time to do it in class yesterday and it’s about how the class changed our view of criticism and how it affected our view of religion AND THIS IS LITERALLY THE MOST FUCKING PERFECT PROMPT SHE COULD HAVE EVER GIVEN ME I AM SO EXCITED THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO WRITE ABOUT

Highschool friends

It has been 40 months since I became a highschool student. At first, this stage was the most difficult era ever for, they say that highschool friends are the ones who will last. That I should treasure my highschool friends and make a strong foundation with them. I was nervous that time to whom will I be friendly, to whom will I give my heart and to whom my trust will be worthy. But then I realized why don’t I give these all to everyone.
10 months of being a family, friends and sisters and brother, maybe not in the blood but in the heart, soul and mind.
40 weeks of bullying each other which had caused laughter and madness to each other. Weeks of jealous, pissed, mad, proud, happy, cheerful, that be the be the and such.
205 days of laughter when the atmosphere in room D301 was light and we have this singing session and bullying thing. Days full of laughs, smiles, sobs, cries, pick up lines, ‘hugot’, selfies, groupies, rants, reminisce, tantrums, energizers which are always concentration, group hugs on every teachers who are giving us free time, no quiz and rest day, love and admiration to each other.
But still family is a family so does 4A. 4A let me experienced what is the feeling of having a family which is always ready to listen to all my jokes and rants. 4A gave me kuyas, ates, and baby brothers and sister This is the family what I have wish for eversince
Hi 4A. Thank you for invading a huge space in my heart. Thank you for all the help, love, care, support and comfort you are giving to me. Thank you for being a family what I want and friends what I have wished. Thank you and I love you. Good luck to us. Good luck to the next chapter of our lives. I hope that you all will not close the book and I still have a part on your story. Thank you. You all are going to be miss by me.

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