*Disclaimer* Violence against anyone is bad.

I never quite understood the controversy with Triumph of Ferocity because there’s so much else that the player base has let Wizards get away with involving their art. And in a plot line when a deranged Nomad like Garruk is going after someone that cursed him, I would expect sooner or later they would get in a fight, even a fist fight since Garruk is melee fighter when he’s not summoning nature’s beasts to his aid.

If depicting violence is such an issue, then there is so much more that we could go after, such as Silence the Believers or Sorin’s Vengeance. If the depiction of a woman is the issue, I think their unnecessary and excessive sexualization would be a much bigger issue than an anti-hero borderline villianesse getting pinned to a rock. 

The two things that amuse me about this are:

1. The Yu-Gi-Oh TCG goes out of its way to avoid these issues since it wants to appeal to a younger audience. So much so that they’ve gotten bad feedback for over-censorship. (I just appreciate the irony)

2. I’m glad that this issue was raised not because of the specific artwork, but because we got to redefine the boundaries of acceptable Magic card artwork for future cards… I just wish the new Triumph of Ferocity artwork wasn’t terrible.

Sakialyn Emberstar, Sunward

100HP | D15-20

Command of Units:Hawkstrider Outriders

Only a fool would assuming that a the nimble Hawkstrider was the lesser of steeds in Quel’Thalas. These quick and powerful birds make excellent hit and run assault troops. Armed with light lances or bows, the Outriders make great scouts and flanking units.

Hit and Run: Hawkstrider Cavalry may assault an opposing unit and run away during the same turn. They do not suffer movement penalties.

Squires: Increases base rolls by 10. Having a squire is critical to a knight’s renown, utility, and of course having someone watch your back is important.

Warhorn: Attempt to Rally all other mounted allies with a +2 to roll. Increases base damage by 5. A warhorn heralds the charge of any contingent of horse. Its sound echoes in the minds of all warriors.

Cursive Bows: Hawkstrider Outriders may carry with them a cursive bow to fire from the back of their mounts in addition to their sabers they carry for battle. Ranged damage however is reduced by 10. Hawkstriders make a remarkable mount. Only a fool would think them less formidable than a horse. They also make a fine platform for turning enemies into pincushions.

Art by dancinfox

I watched it!

It was not so bad! I mean, as we thought it would be …

Great episode, great S5 finale, tolerable, except for the ultrasound,

but I still think it doesn’t belong to anyone from D15, and that the writers are playing with our nerves and mind during this damn hiatsu …

And Hey, Mcswarek’s are good, great, perfect, amazing … <3 <3