ilikemetaland-urbutt asked:

ANON GO FUCK YOUR SELF.... nobody deserves to die omg, -.- if you want to tell someone who has to kill her self tell it to me but not to céline.... céline you are so fucking beautiful (: <3

Thank you.. But I don’t want to that you’re getting message like these. Nobody deserves to (: And the only one who’s beautiful is you! <3

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I made the screenie myself, cause tumblr said: Error uploading photo.

But here you go anon :) 

ilikemetaland-urbutt asked:

ANON GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A FUCKING KNIFE... please sweetie dont listen to that fucking ajlssfaksjf anon, and please dont kill yourself ;c you deserve the best and not laying in a coffin and never open your eyes again and that you dont see what the future you brings, and you won't see al the places that you didnt vistit yet.. so please hang in there lovely everything will be okay again <3

i’m scared really, i’m scared for my future i don’t believe in my future , i don’t see my self having kids or having a man if i think about my future i always see myself but not older than right now, i don’t think everything will be okay ,but you’re really sweet and i love you and i’m trying to stay strong i’m trying ♥