• Stephen Fry:But, what illness do British doctors now treat more than any other?
  • Alan Davies:Pregnancy?
  • Clive Anderson:Pregnancy isn't a disease, Alan, surely.
  • Andy Parsons:It would be if Alan got it.
  • Clive Anderson:No, it would be a surprise; it wouldn't be...
  • Stephen Fry:I'll give you a clue, then: It begins with "D".
  • Alan Davies:Death.
  • Stephen Fry:No. Doctors don't treat death, unfortunately. No.
Priest outing --- 2011-10-05

I dreamed I was on vacation with my mom and someone else, maybe my sister. Mom was having a conversation with us while driving like an absolute maniac, careening off the road, narrowly avoiding obstacles, etc. We came to a place where the road was closed, and we had to detour through a residential neighborhood. Then it seemed it was no longer Mom we were with, but some young priest. We stopped at a church and went into a little kitchen where we cooked and ate our dinner. Then we drove on a while to another church where we spent the night in a little apartment where clergy lived (but they weren’t there just then). It seemed the priest was part of some reciprocity network that allowed him to stay for free at other churches while he travelled.

Endless doors --- 2012-09-05

I dreamed I was walking around a little town. It had a quaint, old-fashioned vibe. I went through several diners, restaurants, and bars. From one restaurant I went through a set of tall, brushed-steel doors, which led immediately to another set of almost identical doors. I went through a few more of these, then noticed I was being followed by a dowdy-looking woman, who motioned to me to turn back. I kept going, but then was seized with a sudden fear, feeling that I was caught in an endless sequence of these doors. I turned and somehow went out another door that brought me out onto the street. Across the street, I saw some cops confronting a pair of hotheaded youths who apparently had illegal liquor in their car. The youths were indignantly denying it, but the cops searched the car and unloaded tons of beer and liquor.

There was another bit where I was at some event apparently related to my sister’s wedding. I drove several times along a narrow, winding road that ran in front of sheer cliffs, with a short but steep drop to the ocean on the other side. I kept skidding around the turns and sliding into the other lane. Then I was riding the road again, this time on a motorcycle. I swung wide on a curve and my wheels slid off the outer edge of the road. I shot off into space and began to fall. Quickly I disentangled myself from the bike and jumped. I managed to grab the edge of the roadbed and hung by my fingertips for a bit until I could pull myself up. After a moment a car came by with my mom and my sister and others in it. They picked me up and I explained what had happened.

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Hari ke-5

jika kamu bertanya mengenai apakah mesin waktu itu ada, menyepilah di saat hujan. hujan, mungkin adalah mesin waktu. mesin yang akan membawamu pada titik yang mungkin kamu kehendaki atau tidak. tentang kegagalan yang selalu diratapi, keberehasilan yang meminta senyuman, kebahagiaan yang mengharukan, kebersamaan yang menceriakan, atau kesepian yang mengangkutmu ke setiap kenangan dalam ruang dan waktu yang bersifat momentum.

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Whale shark vs. crocodile --- 2013-10-05

I remember a part where I was in some building overlooking a vast, everglades-lake bayou, with rivers interspersed with swamps and reeds and stuff. I saw a huge creature swim into view. I referred to it as a whale shark, but I think it actually had teeth. It was maneuvering in an area that seemed too shallow and cramped for it to comfortably maneuver in. Then it encountered a big crocodile and they began to fight. It was a dramatic and impressive sight. I was recording with my camera, amazed that I was witnessing such a rare event.

There was another part where I was at a party with other people from my department. One professor proposed playing a game: we would look out the window at a wall across the courtyard where various words were written, and try to memorize as many words as possible; then we would go into an adjacent room and test ourselves. The words on this wall were arranged in what looked like an interlinear-translation sentence. In some cases a word’s “translation” was itself. Some “words” were actually graphical advertisements, and the word you were supposed to memorize was the product name. Some stretches of a few words had some relationship, but on the whole they didn’t form any coherent sentence, which made them harder to remember. A few people tried memorizing and reciting words, but tripped up by accidentally saying a word’s “translation” instead of the word itself. I remarked that some of the “translations” made no sense and were hard to remember. I said, “The word ‘is’ corresponds to ‘asshole’.” Everyone cracked up at that. I also remember that one of the advertisements was for “Brillo”.

Monkeys with cookies --- 2002-05-05

Then I was in some place with some of my high school friends. It was a clearing in a huge grove of banana trees. Sitting in the trees were thousands of monkeys. They hooted and howled and bucket-brigaded out, from somewhere back in the forest, several huge buckets of bananas, which we humans then distributed to another bunch of monkeys sitting in pew-like seats on the ground among the trees.

A door somewhere opened and a few monkeys came in carrying pans full of “one big cookie” cookies. (Each pan was filled with one huge cookie.)

The head monkey howled a “go” signal and all the monkeys dashed madly for the food (bananas and cookies). My high school econ teacher was there too. He glanced around furtively and then scooped an entire pan-cookie onto his plate and said to us, “come on.” We went over and sat down and shared the cookie.

Not ready to withstand elephant --- 2003-08-05

I was in a cool virtual reality place where you could manipulate the world and make it whatever you wanted. It was like a very flexible level editor for some 3D game. I was in there with another guy, who apparently used it a lot to create worlds with backstory. I kept pushing for a simple story about a guy climbing a mountain and flying off the top in a glider, but he kept saying “no no, that’s cheesy and trivial and not complicated enough.” Eventually we sort of compromised; the guy climbed the mountain and flew to an adjacent mountain, and then his glider became a car and he raced up a spiralling road into the sky.

When the guy finished designing this “level” in the 3D world, he hit the “go” button or whatever and we were transported to the top of the level, over the spiral road. We fell all the way to the ground, slowly (a LONG way), and when we hit it we bounced almost all the way back up to the top. Then we started kung-fu fighting. At some point later another guy showed us some levels he had made: one with a big vat of acid sitting in a lake of lava, and one with some army (including elephants) attacking a fortress. If you looked at the fortress gate a little message appeared saying “Fortress gate defense is low; not ready to withstand elephant.”

Nomadic philosopher --- 2003-09-05

I dreamed I was reading and visualizing a story that someone I knew had written. The story began with this one guy living alone as a nomadic philosopher in a frozen wasteland thinly populated with small bands of hunters. The story of how he came to this situation was then told in flashback.

He had run away from home and was living in a small run-down house at the edge of a touristy resort in the foothills of a large mountain range. He was more or less happy, but after just a few weeks his parents learned of his whereabouts and came to get him. His dad confronted him, but he backed away, being “chased” all around the outskirts of the resort. His dad wanted him to come back and begin some kind of counseling to calm him down, but the main guy believed that he needed exactly the opposite: excitement. He ran a little way up into the hills and saw that the resort was bounded on one side by a range of dry, high-desert mountains, and on another by snowy hills. Near the junction of these was an area in the process of being cleared by earthmoving equipment.

He wanted to go to the snowy area, so he set out to cross through the resort to reach it. On the way he ran into his mother, who similarly stalked him around. Eventually he ran up into the snowy hills.

He found a cave that opened into a clean control room. There was a magic window. He could look into it and see anywhere in the world just by thinking about it. Then, if he wished, he could open the window, reach through, and bring objects back through into the control room, drop objects into the world outside, or even step out himself and be teleported to the destination.

Unfortunately, the dream ended here, before I could learn the rest of his history.

They're just wet --- 2004-11-05

I had my bed set up on the lawn in front of the mission. Then for some reason I moved it to a little room downtown (although in the dream downtown was right across the street from the mission). A bunch of math professors were around; I seemed to be living in a small college or something.

I woke up in the middle of the night (in the dream) and realized I had left my slippers at the mission. I put my feet loosely in my shoes and went to get the slippers. As I put them on I heard someone snickering across the field in the darkness, “Don’t worry, they’re just wet, heh heh.” My slippers were slightly damp with dew. I moved over into a slightly more well lit area and saw a big potato bug, which freaked me out.

Rick-Gomez is my friend --- 2005-01-05

I had a poignant dream in the form of a movie with voiceover. The voiceover was a man sort of talking to his girlfriend, who had died not long ago. He was sort of narrating the events leading up to her death. Stuff like: “I remember how we used to walk in the park on weekends.”

They lived in a house with two or three other people. The girlfriend seemed to disappear one day, and everyone gradually became worried.

The narration continued: “At first we just laughed, wondering where you’d run off to. But we looked around and called your phone, and by the end of the day we were worried. Tobias didn’t look where he was going and fell down the stairwell, crashing into the water heater.”

Then the boyfriend discovered a secret door that led into an S&M dungeon. The girlfriend had been in there testing out some new kinky sex toy or something and had accidentally broken her neck. It also seemed she had been cheating on the guy with a friend of his who was named Rick-Gomez.

The boyfriend went on: “At first I kept going to the park, just out of habit. But it was too painful to be standing there alone, so I stopped. Then, gradually, as each weekend I looked out at the pigeons and the hot dog vendors there by the fountain, I missed it, and so I started going again.

"I don’t want to keep thinking about you. Rick-Gomez is my friend. When I go into the park now I don’t feel as much pain. And now, as I sit here looking out the window at the people moving along the paths, I wonder how I could have missed this stuff about you. I see people meet each other and, like us, take walks together through the park, and I wonder, what are the things that decide who will meet whom, how we change our lives as people come and go, and how we come together."

It was a very emotionally moving dream.

I don't you --- 2006-10-05

I dreamed that I was at Cornell University. It seemed to have fallen on hard times. There were very few students and many of the buildings were run down. I went into a computer lab. Two friends of mine from high school were there, playing go on some computers. I somehow knew that one of them was going to law school here. I went into the next room, which was also part of the lab, and started fiddling with some stuff. Someone else was at another computer there. Suddenly the lab admin, a skinny guy with a bald head and glasses, came out of a back room. He looked at the other person contemptuously and said, “I don’t you.” Then he left. I continued to do what I was doing, which seemed to involve detaching some kind of disk drive from a computer. After a while one of my professors came in and we began to discuss the procedure.

Then I was in Goleta. I think I was about to go to work. I got a call on my cell phone from another high school friend of mine. When I said hi, she said, “Hi. Um… You can pick me up from work at 5 if you want.” I said okay and we ended the conversation, but then I realized I didn’t know where she worked.