Hey boy, did you ever know that you’re on my mind every single night before I go to bed.
Hey boy, did you ever know that you’re the best thing I never had.
Hey boy, did you ever know that when I’m feeling down, the only person that I could see cheering me up is you?
Hey boy, if you’re wondering who’s on my mind tonight, it is still you.
Hey boy if you’re wondering if I’m feeling down tonight, I won’t say it isn’t true.
Hey boy can I ask you one thing?
What do I do when the person that made me feel this way is the only one that can save me from it too?


New independent hip hop movie “Swiss Banks” produced by Six2Six Records (USA) and SWC Records (Switzerland).  Based on the novel The Swiss Conspiracy by Michael Stanley it stars Constant Deviants emcee M.I. in the role of “Pisano”

Filmed in Baltimore, Washington DC and Switzerland, the soundtrack was produced by many of SWC’s roster, with further mixing and scratching by Australia’s Debonair P.  Rhymes delivered by M.I.

The soundtrack is available now from Six2Six Records via their bandcamp  https://six2sixrecords.bandcamp.com/album/trilateral-commission-presents-swiss-banks-original-soundtrack

Constant Deviants themselves release their fourth studio album Avant Garde on 12th May

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