LGBTQ* Comic Artists You May Be Interested In

Erika Moen - artist/writer

Some of Erika’s illustrations/dialogue is NSFW. Please be advised. Also, some of Tumblr has been really harsh about Erika’s marriage to a cisman and her views of queer politics. If you would like to hear some responses to Erika’s work within the comic industry and her feelings about sexuality as it evolves, I highly recommend watching her visit to Yale video below.

Some of Erika’s Work:

D.A.R. Comics/Archive (D.A.R. at the beginning


Erika Speaks at Yale

Bucko Comic

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With or Without You

I think no matter what happens, I’m always going to think of you.

I wish things turned out different between us.

I was going to give us a chance of just being friends but I don’t think I can bare myself with it, and even apart from you it hurts me.

I know I was never anything to you besides just a fling and I tried telling you,I wanted to be more.But you didn’t really care about me.

You asked for so many chances and I gave them all too you,and you didn’t show me anything different.

We’ve both moved on..

But you will always have a piece of me weather you know it or not</3