LGBTQ* Comic Artists You May Be Interested In

Erika Moen - artist/writer

Some of Erika’s illustrations/dialogue is NSFW. Please be advised. Also, some of Tumblr has been really harsh about Erika’s marriage to a cisman and her views of queer politics. If you would like to hear some responses to Erika’s work within the comic industry and her feelings about sexuality as it evolves, I highly recommend watching her visit to Yale video below.

Some of Erika’s Work:

D.A.R. Comics/Archive (D.A.R. at the beginning


Erika Speaks at Yale

Bucko Comic

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With or Without You

I think no matter what happens, I’m always going to think of you.

I wish things turned out different between us.

I was going to give us a chance of just being friends but I don’t think I can bare myself with it, and even apart from you it hurts me.

I know I was never anything to you besides just a fling and I tried telling you,I wanted to be more.But you didn’t really care about me.

You asked for so many chances and I gave them all too you,and you didn’t show me anything different.

We’ve both moved on..

But you will always have a piece of me weather you know it or not</3

Open Call

"там" D.A.R - Digital Artist in Residence program announces open call.

Who can apply - Anyone who’s interested to create, explore and exercise Digital world. who has will to form the future.

Where we are - we are in digital space, owning almost every kind of social network as everyone (we are open to find some more together with you).

WHAT WE OFFER - Time and Space, exchange knowledge (links) - “how to make something”

We would like to work with artists as long as we can provide works trough digital way. our collaborations will be posted on every page we have. 
With this activity we want to question if cultural exchanges have changed forms and how can other offer you time and space when we have access to social network.

Please, send your CV, Motivation Letter, Portfolio to the following e-mail: tamdar1234@gmail.com
Deadline: 8th April 2015
no fees


"там" D.A.R - is a Digital Artist in Residence program. Based several weeks ago in digital world to invite artist from all around the world for collaborations in digital art field.
"там" D.A.R - offers artists time and space away (?) from their usual environment.
"we also allow an individual to explore his/her practice within another community; meeting new people, using new materials, experiencing life in a new location. Art residencies emphasize the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange and immersion into another culture." -wikipedia about artist in residence programs says so. What’s more you want to add?

the name ”там” comes from russian word and means “there” also the abbreviation D.A.R (дар) means gift in same language, so there’s a gift in digital world