i had to sit my family down and give them a racism 101 lesson and educate them about what’s happened with Mike Brown and why thanksgiving shouldn’t be a holiday along with what’s happening around the world (specially mexico since latino family) they literally had no idea what was going on they started talking shit about the situations until i shut them up with the actual facts.. my grandpa was so disappointed and some almost started crying this is the first time i have showed my angry side to them they even apologized ( since they’re the type to say my generation is up for no good) they’re all now sharing info with everyone they know i’m happy they now understand what’s been going on and why it’s not okay

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Laura was rewatching the video for the 1200 time. "Come on Cupcake this is pathetic." "You don't get to judge me. YOU JUMPED INTO A PIT TO YOUR DEATH." "I'm mad at you too. For the record. You're giving up. What happened to Louis Lane Jr?" "It's called grieving." "Not after three months. Not this bad. Move on. Fuck Xena or Betty." "I know you're a hallucination. That all I need is sleep and you'll go away." "I'll be there when you sleep Cupcake." "You left me." "I came back. Laura, I'm real."

"Sure you are Carm because so many good things happen to me" "I knew you were oblivious cutie but this is ridiculous" Laura just rolls her eyes because damn her subconscious really has Carmilla’s snark down but then Carmilla huffs and drags her chair over (ep 17 style) and kisses her. "Believe me yet cupcake?"



Why should I worry?
Why should I care?
I may not have a dime
But I got street savoir-faire.

Why should I worry?
Why should I care?
It’s just be-bopulation
And I got street savoir-faire.

I'm Thankful For You! (^u^)

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