D&D/Pathfinder Monster inktober challenge

Hey, I’m doing a truncated version of Inktober this month, but it’s only Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder themed monsters. (Must be an official monster included in the Bestiary or Monster Manual, no original creations for this one - sorry!) You can check out the Pathfinder SRD if you’re rusty on your rust monsters.

Hit me up with specific requests and I’ll try to accommodate! 

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Dungeons & Dragons & Bitches


Female Gnome Token.  Goes with my Male Gnome Token.

I decided it was time I stopped drawing birds and went back to business.  Here’s my lady gnome :D after much time trying to get her to look right.  I wanted to keep the bright colours and crazy hair known for gnomes in Pathfinder, but also make her a little on the roguish side.  I’m not sure what race I’m going to do next, but it seems to be a tie between Dwarves and Halflings.  We’ll see soon

Natural Weapon Feats


Natural Weapon Training

"You are practiced in using your own body as a weapon, whether through rigorous martial arts training or through literally weaponizing parts of your body (i.e. clawing, biting, slamming)"

If your race would be capable of using a natural weapon and currently not having one, you are granted one of the following as either a main attack or bonus attack action using either your Strength of Dexterity (unless noted otherwise)

  • All - These count as unarmed Monk weapons for the Martial Arts ability.
  • Bite - This attack does 1d6 piercing damage as an attack action.  You can elect to use this attack as a bonus attack and do 1d4 piercing damage instead.
  • Claw/Talon - This attack does 1d4 slashing damage as an attack action.  If you have another unarmed claw/talon available, you may make another attack with it.
  • Slam - This attack does 1d6 bludgeoning damage.
  • Gore - This attack does 1d6 piercing damage.  You can elect to use this attack as a bonus attack and do 1d4 piercing damage instead. 
  • Stinger - This attack does 1d4 piercing damage.
  • Tentacle - This attack does 1d4 bludgeoning damage.

Natural Weapon Master

Prerequisite: Natural Weapon Training or use of one of the following natural weapons.

Your skills in natural based weaponry have greatly excelled!  You can now use them to their fullest potential.

  • All - Your natural weapons count as “magical” for the sake of weakness, resistance, and immunity.
  • Bite - If you choose to attack as a main action, you can use a bonus action to try to trip your opponent.
  • Claw/Talon - You may now use 1 claw/talon attack as your attack action for 2d4 slashing damage.  You may not make a bonus attack with any other claws/talons if you choose to do this.  However, you can use a bonus attack action to blind your opponent for 1 round if your initial attack hits.
  • Slam - You may use a bonus attack action to try to knock an opponent back 5 feet when you hit with a slam attack.  If you use a charge action, increase knockback to 10 feet.  In addition, add your proficiency bonus to damage.  This does not stack with class abilities that grant the proficiency bonus to damage as well.
  • Gore - You can elect to give yourself advantage on a main attack to charge an opponentwith this weapon.  If the attack hits, gore damage is increased one die instead.  If you do this, you must take a short rest before gaining this bonus again.
  • Stinger - A creature hit with your stinger must make a Constitution save (8 + Proficiency Bonus + Constitution bonus) or take 1d8 poison damage.  If the creature fails the save, they must save again the following round until they fight off the poison.  You must take a short rest before using this ability again.
  • Tentacle - You gain reach with this weapon.  In addition, you can use a bonus action to grapple an opponent.