I hope that’s how DGM ends.

Everyone’s happy and the world is save but everyone’s also exhausted.

You just hear Tiedoll go “It’s a beautiful day to return home.”

Allen rises.  He is tired to the marrow in his bones.  His stomach is growling more than the the inner core burns.  The debt on his shoulders has bought Boardwalk and Allen is close to landing on that space.

"It’s a beautiful day to give me money."


D. Gray-Assassin´s Creed 8

So, imagine Kanda coming to Vatican as a merc who was hired to protect somebody from the “White Demon”.

He hears the bells sound the alarm - signalling that the said demon is approaching and just as he turns around, an assassin riding a horse passes him, heading for the victim….

You know what they do in anime - that romantic shit where the guy meets the girl´s eye for like a split of a second and everything just goes Slow Mo?  Yep… this is exactly that….

Also, I am lazy and it´s too tired so just search for the rest of the DGM/AC things in my art tag…