So damn busy I don’t even have time to fart. Haha

Haven’t finished Unica Hija.

So last week, my dad visited us and I talked to him about it and of course our chat ended up with more of those fucking ideas that makes my mind explode to little pieces. Haha yea. I scheduled another shoot and today was the last of it. Yes finally right? so tomorrow in the morning I’ll be practicing kinetic typography and then in the afternoon we’ll be dubbing and then next days will be the zombie days for me, I’ll be editing.

There was this great idea my brother told me, which is a song that was so sweet but when you read the lyrics… man it’s so creepy af. Now I feel like it’ll be great if I’ll follow the lyrics of that song and make it the title of the film. So I might not use Unica Hija anymore.

Good thing those four lame boys exists and they help me loosen up without even knowing. Haha

In a nutshell, I changed the story line and I’m planning to change the title.

See you soon

Bye x

Under My Skin

I never thought that this tattoo would have deeper meanings as days go by.
I know that this is some minute ink that doesn’t seem to have sense or it looks like some random little wound but it isn’t to me.