I have my litany of frustrations, as everyone does, but ultimately I try to be hopeful because I don’t see any decent alternative. I want to believe we can turn things around. It would be cynical to give up on life and turn our backs on the kids: Cynicism is irresponsible. And having hope is much more healthy way to live.
—  Barbara Kingsover

to-do list:

  • ignore all texts
  • ignore all phone calls
  • never ever answer the door
  • pretend to forget all plans ever made
  • run errands only at night or early morning hours
  • don’t click messages in facebook so people don’t know you saw it

Let me make you happy.

I know that she hurt you and that it’s hard for you to trust people but I want a chance to treat you right. I’ll hold you when you sleep and kiss you when you’re sad. I’ll write you little notes and I promise to always tell you how great you are. I’ll never try and make you jealous or play with your heart.

Just give me a chance and I promise to love you better than anyone else ever could.

—  Midnight thoughts (for a broken boy)