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Fourteen-year-old Sukanya Roy won the Scripps National Spelling Bee by spelling the word “Cymotrichous” correctly — you’ve gotta love the way she knew she had it in the bag as soon as she got to the “t” in the word. And the fact that this ESPN highlights video takes time to discuss two Bee finalists who also happen to be “frenemies.”

i was tagged by bloggingprincess to share 5 things about myself, and tag 10 of my favorite followers

1. i’m dreading going back to school tomorrow

2. i want to be a graphic designer bc i think it’s hella rad

3. one time i accidentally walked in on my geometry teacher yelling at herself 

4. the only other url i have saved is officialtrenchcoat idk why

5. i think coldplay, imagine dragons and bastille are amazing yo

squiddleston i-hijacked-the-tardis cymotrichous-k kissingtheshadows666 meghanthefairy and whovever else feels like doing this bc im a loser

Hello friends

Hi there! So I decided to make a side blog that’s a little artsy/hipster/soft grunge/whatever you wanna call it so if you wanna check it out the URL is @cymotrichous-k . It might not even come up since I made it not even 5 minutes ago but I will let you know when it is up and running :)