(please forgive me for a super personal blog)

Wow ._.

I didn’t realize my face changed so much.

These are all pictures of me from August:2012- April:2013.

I had just turned 19.

My hair went through some changes.
Along with my facial hair.
Some make-up here and there.
went up a gauge size.

I had finally found myself to be an eccentric and unique individual.

I Draw and Do Photography.
I Make Videos and Play Games.
I Make Electronic Music.

And since I opened myself to the internet;

I felt like I belonged somewhere - A group of outcast.
Outcast with actual working minds and a sense of intellect.

I  actually have Friends.
Ones i talk to almost everyday.
Like an internet Family.

You see - my family doesn’t really accept me for me.
i have to adjust to their standards in order for them to "love me completely."

Their expectations. Their goals.

I can’t dress the way I feel most like myself around them.
I can’t act like myself when they have company.
I can’t do my hair how I like.

Everytime i do - I have to change back or i get imbecilic consequences.

But, I like being different.
I like looking different.

I like being an mixed race male that appears Black by skintone but not the inaccurate, “socially accepted”  stereotype.

Why can’t I be?

I don’t sag my pants.
I don’t disrespect Women.
I don’t bash homosexuals.
I am not in a gang.

I promote individuality.
And I accept everyone as they really are.

I Refuse To judge anyone.
At least not until i know more about them than just their outward appearance.

I just wanted to chronicle some of these photos and vent thoughts i hat at the time.

thank you for taking the time to read. check out those links if you get the time. ^_^

I’m Cylvr Klawz:
Pegasus Wolf and Musician.

It would be awesome if you all would check out my music and let me know what you think.

I’m always open to new ideas and my music is free. Although donations always help.

And I always respond, so don’t be afraid to talk

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