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"Sittin At A Barstool Drinkin Your Problems Down,

Grab Yourself A Sea Gal And Spin Her Round And Round,

Sittin On A Barstool Tryin To Clear Your Head,

With Every Bodies Problems You’re Better Off Dead~

I never post sims stuff so here’s a quick one. 

This is my sims family, there’s Wednesday Addams and her second husband Mortimer Goth. She was with Cycone Sw0rd (for the monies) who is Christian’s dad and then there’s little Leanne who is the little princess of the family.

Christian has had 4 girlfriends and he’s JUST turned into an adult. He literally gets the wish to break up as soon as he’s with anyone and he doesn’t even have those sort of traits..

Its been about a week since the Welcome to Podunkton cartoon series premiered, and it has over 7,000 views on both Youtube and Newgrounds and has even been partnered with Channel Frederator! Once again, I’m extremely proud to have help out with the production of this cartoon and super thankful that my mascot character OMARR makes a cameo in this cartoon’s musical number (can you find him in the top right?…) Be sure to follow my good friends at Podunkton Studios and be sure to watch their newest cartoon if you haven’t already. Hell, watch it again, its just that good!.

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