johnnywalkergnu asked:

Do you reckon Cyclops and Daredevil trade tips on where are primo spots to buy red sunglasses? (Y'know, barring the ruby quartz necessity for Cyclops?)

Scott probably has his made with a 3-D printer. Talking about gorgeous redheads is another story, though.

(Neither Cyclops or Daredevil have been involved with any of these redheads)
(Except for Jean Grey.Scott has totally had relations with that woman)

You know what I wanna see?

Origin films for all the X-men.
I wanna see Charles Xavier accidentally freezing rooms of people with his mind, struggling to control the massive power inside him.
I wanna see Scott Summers accidentally hurting people when his optic blasts appear, I wanna see him learn to control them, then something happens and he loses that. I wanna see him struggling to cope until he finds his ruby quartz.
I wanna see Storm realising one day that she doesn’t get sad when it rains, it rains when she’s sad. The weather tuned to her mood.
I wanna see Jean making things fly when she gets angry, struggling to learn to harness this power so it doesn’t destroy her.
I wanna see all this and more, I need to see this, I need to know about them and their pasts, how they ended up at the school, what their lives were like before. Please Marvel please.


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