some of the artwork from Wolverine, Vol. 2 # 75 that was penciled by AdamKubert.Tumblr.com, inked by Mark Farmer, Dan Green, and Mark Pennington, lettered by Pat Brosseau, colored by Steve Buccelatto, and written by Larry Hama.

BubbleBath Converter Creature - $15

A small CC of gentle demeanor, any matter they consume dissolves into hot, soapy water, which, once collected, can remove any and all stains or contaminants from just about anything washed in it, soothes skin irritation, and does wonders for stress and sore muscles. When not releasing excess water through their blowhole, they frequently blow mist and bubbles through it, or through their mouth. Prone to hiccups. Sometimes forms ‘crystals’ of soap bars and rubber ducks, which can be spat out and given away.

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So in X-Men ‘92 of Battleworld, Senator Robert Kelly is now called Baron Robert Kelly (or ‘Baron Kelly’ in short) as well as he has a dashing cape and a chariot pulled by Warwolves. Also, instead of a bigoted senator whom we know from X-Men cartoon, here he is an ally of the X-Men who treats them like his army. 

- X-Men ‘92 #1 (infinite comic)


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Jean & Scott, Episode 11 by Max Wittert

(T: TallBlondNRich / IG: Max Wittert)

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