Another weekend, another post about how I still can’t believe how nice the weather is down here.  My brethren up north are expecting some serious snowfall in the next couple days, meanwhile I’m trotting around in a t-shirt.

I do get a bit nostalgic for the real winter when I see pictures and snaps from my friends back home and out west out snowboarding.  I don’t even have my gear with me here, and my prospects of making it out at all this season are dubious.

Anyways, today was my first brick since last season! 40 miles on the bike followed by a 15 minute run.  The last 30 minutes on the bike were supposed to be upper tempo pace, and I had another cyclist tailing me for the last 10 minutes or so that really helped me push and keep up my pace.  My run wasn’t too bad since it was only zone 2 effort, but still a good reminder about how running right off the bike feels (aka not very good).