FMLS90 - Day 30

Break out the camera and take some pictures that show us your exercise routine. Some ideas might include your gym, your running partner, your shoes etc. (If I don’t see at least a few sweaty faces, I am going to be disappointed.) :)

My baby!  I love this thing!  She just got new pedals!  I love feeling fast and feeling the wind through my hair….ahem, helmet.

I love swimming! I love using paddles!  I love using new, state-of-the-art, FREE toys!

My trail running shoes.  I haven’t actually been running very many trails lately because winter.  As soon as spring comes, watch out!  I’ll be running all ze trails!

By @ellenlikesbikes: Well, Massachusetts has officially declared a “state of emergency” because of a predicted record-breaking blizzard that’s hit us! So, I’m just going to keep thinking about this amazing day in sunny ole Texas until the snow goes away and class resumes 😇 #sunnydaze #OutsideIsFree #SnowPocalypse January 26, 2015 at 07:09PM


Jérémy Roy’s footage of the finish line crash during stage 4 of the Tour Down Under. You can find Roy’s account of filming footage from a cycle race over on Inner Ring.