Cycling: If you build it, they will fucking come

The Mayor shared some fun data today: That since the implementation of the safer 2nd Ave bike lane, a shit-ton more cyclists have been taking that route. 

From his blog:

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) today released data for the new Second Avenue Protected Bike Lane that shows bicycle ridership has tripled due to the new facility. With the conversion of the former one-way bike lane to a two-way, protected bike lane, an average of 1,099 bicyclists a day used the new lane on September 9, 10 and 11 according to electronic counters. This is three times the daily number of cyclists that had previously used the former one-way bike lane. 

Yeah. In one week, the addition of a safer way to ride increased ridership. Which goes to show that if you a.) hate traffic and b.) hate standing on the bus, you SHOULD BE IN FAVOR OF SAFER BIKE LANES. 

Even if you personally **never** bike, this is just one of the ways to solve this problem that everyone seems so head-scratchy about. 

Today was lovely.
Omitting school and the fact that teachers have already started giving homework, today was really lovely.
While coming back home I met so many people after months and it felt awesome.
I went to school again in the afternoon to sell old books + buy used ones. We always have this ‘book market’ thingy at school at the beginning of the year. I managed to sell four books and buy three, not bad!
I also decided to go to my local health food store to stock up on some organic stuff. I asked my brother Naoki to come with me, we picked our bikes and rode to the shop. I spent quite a lot but I bought the expensive stuff like tahini and maple syrup in bigger quantities so to save up some money - 680 grams jar of tahini SAY WHAT
Here’s a list of all the yummy stuff I got
• cherry jam
• berry jam
• cherry soy yogurt
• raspberry vanilla soy yogurt
• 400g firm tofu
• vanilla soy milk
• rice cream
• vegan smoky mozzarella or ‘mozzarisella’ - planning on making some pizza with it 😉😉😉
• rice cakes + mini rice cakes
• medjool dates
• sweet potatoes
• raw 80% chocolate
• coconut butter
• tahini
• grade C maple syrup
• mint toothpaste
I never get to spend much time with my brother but I really should. I appreciated his company so much.
I hope you had a fab day too!


On Thursday morning I was sitting at my desk feeling a little low. What I need, thought I, is an adventure.

Just me and Pumpkin Butter. But it needs to be somewhere different. Somewhere I can drive to in the Rogue. Thus was born a spontaneous adventure called #roguepumpkin.

I decided to head north, since it was supposed to be quite hot down south. Decided I really wanted to ride Avenue of the Giants. So I plotted out a route, started examining the segments, and realized I had accidentally plotted the exact route that the Tour of the Unknown Coast takes. (Regarded as one of CA’s toughest centuries).

Left on Friday and it took 7 hours to drive to the north end of the Avenue. Stayed in a hotel in Loleta, CA. 

The ride itself started with about 40 miles of relatively flat riding. But gorgeous riding. The part of the Avenue I rode was fantastic, but really, the ride along Bull Creek Flats Road was just stunning. I narrower road (no lines) and just amazing scenery. 

After that, I climbed Panther Gap, which was switchbacky and long (about 7 miles) and descended down into Honeydew. The descent, and the one later between the wall and the 8 mile climb) was steep and unforgiving. I stopped a couple of times to let my discs cool down some. And to take photos. Lots of photos. You can see them all here (about 30 in all, including the ones in this post).

Drove all the way back to Santa Cruz on Highway 1, which was epic and lovely and all was well with the world. Just wish weekends were three days. Anyway, it was a great day and super micro-adventure with #roguepumpkin. Got me thinking about another one. 

When adventure doesn’t come to you, you go find it. 

Strava deets here