Some HDR shots taken at Neoscape yesterday.

Sony is pretty much the only camera maker who has a proper in-body HDR mode without making everything ugly with glowing halos.

Sony RX100, HDR 6.0EV mode, LightRoom

The building I’m standing in is now called the Design Center. It was once used by the military to process recruits to make them fit for service in the 1940’s and 50’s. Recruits would enter at one end of the building, pass through it’s many internal sections, (checkups, equipment, etc,) and emerge out the other end as soldiers ready to be shipped off to war. The building is the size of a skyscraper laid on its side. It was going to be destroyed, but it was bought out by private companies to use as creative and studio space. There are now many high-end design and craft companies that occupy this building. Many areas are still unused, however, such as this room I came across in my spelunking.

(Sorry if I’m posting a bunch of photos lately! I’ve been busy with art stuff that I can’t post online!)


More lunch-break photos from the area!
South Boston is one of my favorite places. Such an interesting mix of old-timey industry mingling with modern commercial businesses.

Where I work is under a mile away from Logan Intl Airport. Planes fly very low overhead when taking off. The 747’s have probably the most amazing rumbling roar I’ve heard from a plane at that proximity.

Sony RX100, Auto HDR EV6.0, Lightroom PP