"It would be really nice if we could just all love each other for our differences..instead of hating one another for our talents."

"Everyone deserves a moment to bask in the light of the sun- but somewhere along the way myspace and facebook changed the they way that we all define the word "friend". And someone you follow on Instagram could be sitting right next to you and you have no idea how to interact with them face to face…so you just sit…and double tap their latest status…because double taps have taken on the roll of a real compliment and "shares" have become approval..and "unfriending" and "blocking" is now the way we express’s now the way that we say we have a problem. No one could actually have 953,000 friends…no one person would be comfortable with 4.5 million human beings ACTUALLY following them."


blizzard. regarding the new borders … if you decide to use them, great! if you decide to not use them, fantastic! IT IS NOT OKAY TO ATTACK PEOPLE FOR DOING IT OR NOT DOING IT.