anonymous asked:

spacekin and pastel cute/kawaii? thank you~


Crop Top (this shop has a lot of the saturn theme pastel items)

Chiptune Space 

Fleece shrug

Hologram Crop top


Hologram Circle Skirt

Astrostorm dress

It you’re ok with futuristic space look (alienkin esque) most things from cyberdog you can get in pastel.


Cute glow in the dark underwear

Bras for raves and such 


If you enjoy doing your nails, there are great tutorials for pastel galaxy nailpolish


Earrings  and bracelets(moons, stars, saturn, rockets)

Pink UFO choker

Moon Necklace 

Iphone Case 

I tried to pick things that could work in different contexts like if you changed the color scheme (like some of the cyberdog items). Also, it depends on whether you’re looking for casual or more fancy. I didn’t know whether you wanted more of the natural space look or the “space age” feel so I threw in some curve balls with that. :)