FROM PSYCHEDELICS TO CYBERDELICS: @JasonSilva on Creativity and ‘Mind-Expanding’ Technologies..

"Google is the first psychedelically informed super-power…"

About me tag!!

I was tagged by cannablissworld gotta repost it and tag 10 people 

Name: Brad
Nickname: Dangle, Drama
Birthday: May 11th
Gender: Male 
Sexual identity: Straight
Favorite color: Green
Time/Date Current: December 22, 2014 12:09 PM
Average hours of sleep: haha like 4 
Lucky number: 11
Last thing I googled: Marshawn Lynch 80 yard run
First word that comes to mind: Kush
One place that makes me happy: My Granddad’s house in Cali
How many blankets I sleep under: 1
Favorite fictional character: The Doctor
Favorite Book: Clash of kings 
Animation: Adventure Time!!! 
TV Show: Doctor Who, HIMYM, Scrubs 
Favorite Beverage: Mountain Dew
Favorite food: Burritos 
Last Movie I Saw In Theater: Bad Grampa
Dream Holiday: 4th of July 
Dream Wedding: Don’t really give shit 
Dream Job: Bass player in a signed band

I nominate: stonedshowers baked-pamplemousse dr0psofv3nus marijuana-aholic a-high-ass-ginger cigarettehugs faithsuperfab interplanetaryconnections dinosaurbeards cyberdelic-izzy

#Glitch Portrait of The Current Sea, 2014.

Join us tom @8pm for @prismpipe: dogisinthemachine at pehrspace in #LA for a global glitch showcase!

"The books on Thirties design were in the trunk; one of them contained sketches of an idealized city that drew on Metropolis and Things to Come, but squared everything, soaring up through an architect’s perfect clouds to zeppelin docks and mad neon spires. That city was a scale model of the one that rose behind me. Spire stood on spire in gleaming ziggurat steps that climbed to a central golden temple tower ringed with the crazy radiator flanges of the Mongo gas stations. You could hide the Empire State Building in the smallest of those towers. Roads of crystal soared between the spires, crossed and recrossed by smooth silver shapes like beads of running mercury. The air was thick with ships: giant wing-liners, little darting silver things (sometimes one of the quicksilver shapes from the sky bridges rose gracefully into the air and flew up to join the dance), mile-long blimps, hovering dragonfly things that were gyrocopters …” – The Gernsback Continuum by William Gibson

Tomorrow’s Calling